Starting a Heart Full of Conversations to Spark the Courageous Soul of Detroit!


DETROIT!!!! MY HOMETOWN!!! Often referenced to as the MOTOR CITY, D-TOWN, THE D, or The 313!!! A city once known to have a plethora of vibrant neighborhoods filled with life, hope, and charisma. Today many neighborhoods have been abandoned and left with dismay, dimness, and depression. It doesn’t matter what substandard feelings people will have concerning Detroit I will always embrace it with tender loving care.

My thoughts are constantly exercising in my brain. At times I am exhausted because I have visions weighed down in my mind that I never execute. Five years ago, I envisioned the start of a blog relating to why I love Detroit. I felt the surge of a transformation occurring and the energy excited me. I didn’t want the culture and essence of everything that composed Detroit to be lost in the shuffle of the rebirth of a few concentrated areas in the city. I knew it was my obligation to tell the World that Detroit thrives not because of a few areas that are being reconstructed such as Midtown, Corktown, and Downtown. However, there are numerous Existing Entities, Blooming Businesses, and Committed Citizens contributing to the success of keeping the Motor City alive. These businesses or people may be familiar to a few but it is important they are introduced to the masses. Successful people and places in the D might be tucked in a corner or overshadowed by well-known establishments that can afford to advertise their presence. This blog will allow me to shed a positive light about the what, who, when, where and why people invest and dedicate their time to ensure Detroit is and will always be remembered as a priceless city!

Detroit is my true and dear friend.  I am saddened how others abuse and taunt my city. I am angered by the negativity. I am outraged how some of the citizens fail to protect the elderly, children, neighbors, and neighborhoods. Detroit is a beautiful gem filled with people who still want to nurture its courageous soul. There were many instances when I wanted to flee. My FEET whispered MOVE but my HEART yelled STAY! I will continue to reside in Detroit and encourage people to read about the goodness and culture this historical place offers to society. Hopefully, this blog filled with A Heart Full of Conversations will give you a reason to befriend and care for my Dear Detroit also!


6 thoughts on “Starting a Heart Full of Conversations to Spark the Courageous Soul of Detroit!

  1. So glad you are recording thus preserving what we once were, still is and our hope for what’s to come. I appreciate you! I don’t get on social media much nut hope I don’t miss your post……


  2. Love your blog! I too have driven by Detroit Vintage and said to myself I should go visit. Your blog has confirmed what I’ve been thinking for some time and now it is a MUST that I visit 🙂 Thanks for your positivity for the City 🙂

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