Finding the Value of Valentine’s Day in Detroit


Refusing to Jump on the Band Wagon

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, I was sitting on the edge of my bed listening to the news. Partaking the sounds of the local news is one of my rituals while getting ready for work or any outing for the day.  At times the news appears to be watching me if the story lines become too overwhelming.   I was preparing for church when suddenly I heard the news reporter state something that was very displeasing to my ear.  The media was pushing a wagon of negativity across my doorstep and expected me to get on board.   I refused to accept the ride and said to myself, “They can keep pushing that buggy until the wheels fall off.”  It was reported that San Francisco was designated as the best place to spend Valentine’s Day.  However, Detroit was considered the worst place to be on this joyous day assigned to show your love and appreciation to someone special.  My thoughts were:  Who did they survey?  Where did this survey take place?  Why did this survey occur?  I answered my own questions by stating it was another opportunity to continuously shed a negative view about Detroit.  I was pleased to hear one of the reporters mentioned eventually others will realize there is a resurgence happening in this city.  

A Valentine’s Day Tradition

I must revert back to why Valentine’s Day is sentimental to me in the “D”.  Over thirty years ago my mother started a tradition.  She always insisted on making sure I smiled on Valentine’s Day even when I didn’t have a sweetheart.  She would provide a card, hug, or a small box of chocolates to improve the quality of my emotional health.  This past Sunday wasn’t any different.  When I arrived at my mother’s home to pick her up for church, she got in the car and handed me a card.  She politely said, “Here is a little something for you to put gas in your car or treat yourself to lunch.”  Also, she had two additional envelopes for her grandchildren.  Her kind gesture made me grin and at that moment it seemed the sun smiled and shined brighter than usual on that brisk morning.  I am proud to say I continue this small tradition with my children. I knew I had an assignment to accomplish.  I had to share the tradition my mom started years ago to provide an example of how Valentine’s Day in Detroit can be special.  

Increasing the Value of Valentine’s Day in Detroit

The Value of Valentine’s Day is what you make it.  Overpriced, and superficial gifts aren’t needed to show someone you love them.  Also, it is true Valentine’s Day isn’t required to validate to your loved ones that you care. However, we become engrossed with the demands of everyday life.   Small reminders are needed to tug on our hearts to alert us to take a pause to show someone they are valued.  Below, I have provided a few suggestions if you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Detroit.  Let’s show the World we can designate Detroit as one of the best places to be on this celebratory day of love!

Looking for a night out check out these sites that provide a few mentionable places to spend your time in Detroit:

  • Check out Ticketmaster and complete a search of concerts, plays, and events that are taking place in Detroit on Valentine’s Day.

Looking for free ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond:

  • Give a Hearty Hug to a loved one
  • Speak a Humble Hello  to someone who may need encouragement
  • Offer a Sensational Smile to someone who needs to be uplifted
  • Share a Little Laughter to any individual who enjoys the sound of happiness
  • Watch a Memorable Movie from the comfort of your own home
  • Sing a Simple Song that brings peace to your heart
  • Instead of texting pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t heard from in a long time and Create Conversations.  

Happy Valentine’s Day from a Girl who Loves Detroit!!!!!!

-Let your heart be full of new ventures that will lead you to the possibilities of limitless conversations!

-Michelle Dawson



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