Month: April 2017

“Sister Support and Uplift Sessions” Led to a Victorious Moment by Guest Blogger Lisa Lockridge-Washington (in collaboration with ChellyzView)

The Importance of Encouraging Sister Friends It was less than a year ago when I met a pleasant lady who loved the color red.   Yes, she is a Delta but I learned her dedication to the color of red is more detailed than I could ever imagine.  Lisa Washington represents red extremely well because she

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AN INTERVIEW WITH DETROIT ARTIST SYDNEY JAMES: A Conversation Displaying the Wisdom and Talent of a Social Conscious Artist

The Confidence and Calling of a True Visual Artist Sydney G. James is a woman small in stature but her stance resonates with power, knowledge, and strength.  If she was standing before the world on a platform her voice would echo, “I’m a visual artist.  I am an Illustrative Fine Artist and I paint on

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