THE TRUE FABRIC THAT COMPOSES DETROIT by ChellyzView and Poem by Mashira Baldwin

Krainz Woods ParkKrainz Woods Park / Neighborhood Park / Stockton and Hildale Street

Detroit is a Valuable Friend of Mine

Oh Lord! What is wrong with me? I am an emotional MESS!  Detroit and I, have been friends for 42 years. Since I had the ability to stand on my own two feet, I have stood by Detroit’s side. I have encouraged Her during the highs, lows, proudest, and toughest moments She’s had to face. Yes, I have traveled to other facets of the Universe. I have met some of Her associates. Vegas, Miami, Texas, and Florida, and a few others. However, Detroit will always be known as My Bestie, Amie, Amiga, Rafiki, because, She has been a friend to all! I will defend my friend while there is still breath in my body and strength in spirit. My eyes are watery and my mind is weary. The combination has me on overload.

The Delicate Fabric of Detroit

Driving down Woodard Woodward Avenue / Downtown Detroit

It was Monday, May 8, 2017. I am driving along Woodward on a Sunny and Peaceful evening traveling to a Word Press meeting. I am excited because, this meeting will provide basic and informative tips about how to effectively use Word Press for my blog. My thoughts are always shifting from minute to minute. I am trying to focus on questions I would like to answer at the meeting but the scenery outside my windshield is simultaneously familiar, and unfamiliar.

I began to think about the fabrics that compose Detroit. When I think about the neighborhoods of Detroit, I picture Her being covered in a Quilt. Many pieces of Detroit’s history compose this Quilt. The Quilt is thick and heavy because the memories from it keeps my heart warm. The appearance of the Quilt is worn and rough around the edges. However, the Quilt is still rustic and beautiful. If the generations of today would have cared for Her fabric with TLC then, the value of Her coverings would have never depreciated. I believe the original loyal friends of Detroit grew older and tired. They ran out of time and didn’t have the opportunity to properly repair the Quilt before things unraveled. Hmm…. I don’t know.

I just need a little thread to pull things together then everything will be alright…….right????

The Fabric of Detroit is Being Altered

My mind shifts again as I continue to drive down Woodward headed towards downtown Detroit. The fabric that She is covered in has changed. This fabric feels like those expensive sheets I wait for to go on sale at some elaborate store but I am still to frugal to purchase. You know the ones, with the 2,000 thread count that cost $5,000?

I am exaggerating!!! I am not angry about the evolution, but the way Detroit is covered is unbalanced. Her appearance isn’t matching. The statement I just made is contradictory because Detroit is known for being one of the most stylish and fashionable places on the map. The fabrics of Her past, present, and future are not being woven together. This action can’t take place! Detroit must stay true to Her identity during this phase of cultivation and change.

A Loyal Friend to Detroit accepts the Negative and Positive Aspects

downtown stroll Woodward Avenue / Downtown Detroit

Some people speak about Detroit’s negative characteristics such as the lingering and heart wrenching sounds of gunshots.  Lost dreams and open wounds needing attention. I read about the developments being proposed and occurring in certain areas. However, I hope they listen to Detroit’s tried, true, and few remaining friends that never left Her side.

Her friend’s input is important as it relates to progression. They are the soldiers who have invested their life and years with Her. Detroit watched Her friends raise children. Some of their successors have stayed to raise their families, while others left countless years ago. Some people love to associate with Detroit’s positive attributes. For example, as I travel down this new paved Woodward, there weren’t any potholes lurking to grab and abuse the vehicle’s tires. Bike riders casually took evening strolls with friends, families or colleagues. I didn’t witness the presence of hands clenching their purses for dear life.

A mixture of cultures enjoyed a new skyline that was hidden in the clouds. I hadn’t seen so much movement on a Monday evening in downtown for over the past twenty-five years. I must reiterate, I am not upset about the modifications of her fabric, but I wish society wasn’t two-faced. I wish on any given day if Detroit wanted to be covered in Her precious Quilt, or elaborate fabric people would treat Her fairly.

Another Caring Friend of Detroit Expresses Her Sentiments of Detroits Pain


College Park Local Detroit Neighborhood

A few weeks ago, I shared my sentiments with one of my spiritual sisters about writing a poem dedicated to Detroit. This vibrant, energetic, and gifted young lady is Mashira Baldwin. Mashira is also a dear friend to Detroit!

She has witnessed the pain that has been bestowed upon Detroit. The optimism she has for the city’s healing has led her on a journey.  Mashira has started the process of developing her own non-profit organization that will help bring restoration, resources, and hope to families and citizens residing in Detroit.  Ms. Baldwin will always offer Detroit a caring heart no matter what fabric She composes.

DETROIT By Mashira Baldwin

She once was loved and adorned, looking through a cracked glass mirror, she’s tattered and torn

In Her hey-day she was known for Her music, cars, clothes, and hair.  Now all she does is sit and stare

In Her once lustrous life, there was an interruption stripped down, by closed schools, abandonment, dilapidated houses, closed parks, murder, and rape

Her beautiful life flushed down the drain by corruption as she stares with grey stormy eyes filled with tears

She sits with hopelessness

When all she needs is people to see the love in Her cracked brick and mortar and the beauty in Her brokenness

The True Fabric of Detroit Doesnt Have a Price

Harmonie ParkHarmonie Park / Downtown Detroit

Every devoted friend of Detroit possesses their own story. I can hear them rooting for Her greatness to be appreciated. I can envision them tending to all her brokenness, not just the perfect pieces. I am not aware of how you describe Detroit’s strength or fabric. Behold, I am sure that empathy, dedication, prayers, and ongoing encouragement is truly needed to keep Detroit covered. I will always believe Detroit’s authentic fabric was made with love, courage, respect, and honor.  That type of material is priceless.

-Let your heart be full of new ventures that will lead you to the possibilities of limitless conversations!



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