I Am Special by Tresa Simmons

I am special cover page

We never know how what we experience may seem so simple and yet be so profound for our lives.  I was looking at a video on Facebook that highlighted what the videographer calls Daymond John’s humble beginnings.  In that video, Mr. Johns was quoted, “Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’, you will wait forever.  Always take advantage of the time that you’re given.” This quote came to mind at an odd time.  On Valentine’s Day, I was drying off from my shower thinking, do I lotion down with my Jergens and Shea butter lotion or do I lotion down with my heavenly scents?  These questions coupled with the quote really caught me off guard in a solar plexus kind of way.  I realized in that moment I most often use my heavenly scent products when something special is about to go down.  I may be going out with my friends, ritualizing, celebrating me for something that I deemed as extraordinary or at least out of the ordinary for me, or for that word…lol…a man.

All of the reasons that I gave were valid for why I took extra care with my body, but those reasons are no longer enough.  I am special.  Sisters we are special, and that is enough.  I found myself counting the various lotions and sprays that I have purchased or were purchased for me from Bath and Body Works, Burlington, Marshalls, Victoria Secrets, homemade gifts by alchemists doing their thing, and where ever I can find lotions that I love the scent of.  There were over 16 of these products.   Some were new and some older; but what was clear as evidenced by all my products, I had been waiting on the perfect time to use them.  I am the perfect time.  Ladies, sisters, we are the perfect time.  We are that special event we are looking for.

I wish I could be able to write I have changed my life and had a 360 degree change in the way that I promote my own self-care, but this would not be an accurate statement.  I have become aware, and awareness is the first step.  Becoming intentional about my self-care has been hit and miss for me.  One of my coaches consistently says “being impeccable with your self-care” must become a commitment.

When lifting weights to build our muscles, we have to start right where we are.  That may be a different place for each of us.  The premise is the same with making ourselves a priority.  As with any weight training program, the food that is eaten can make or break the results of the lifter.  The words that we speak over our life are like food for our conscious and subconscious mind.

In recent years, I have become more vocal on women celebrating themselves.  This experience, once again, has me contemplating how different my life would be as my view of myself continuously shifts.  I am getting more excited; and as I do, I know sisters we must be gentle with ourselves as we leave the judgment out.  Choosing to reshape what has been the normalcy of our lackluster self-care regime is no small feat.  It is a moment by moment experience.  Each experience will create stronger desires and proclivities for the special you.  The ‘you’ that you enjoy and can’t wait to hang with while consistently engaging your brain cells and heart in ways to out-do yourself again and again.

It is my desire, sisters, for all of us that we begin to eat and breathe self-care.  We can all succeed in cultivating this new way of life with a joyful heart when we are willing to become that ‘special event’ that we celebrate daily in a special way.  We also succeed in loving ourselves as a ‘new normal’ when we become willing to do all of the things for ourselves that we desire from others even when we do not have too.  That night as I lotion with one of my heavenly scents, I felt very much empowered.  I wasn’t waiting for something I deemed worthy of my lotions.  No mam.  I became the special.  Not only did I feel good, I smelled delicious.  Recently, I was told I Am holy ground.  I say to you my sisters…you are holy ground.  Take your shoes off and honor yourselves.



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