The Dreaded Sound of “No” and “Not Right Now” Does not Define Your Success

No and Not Right Now Photo

The Dreaded Sound of “No” and “Not Right Now” Does not Define Your Success by Chellyz View
The Answers We Don’t Want to Hear 

I know you have probably read several articles or listened to multiple radio talk show hosts and callers give their theory of why Detroit was not chosen as a finalist for the second location for Amazon’s Headquarters.  Well, here’s another take on the decision.  At first, I was disappointed.  That feeling only lasted for a moment.  Detroit has heard the words “no” and the phrase “not right now” on many occasions.  Though the sounds of hearing not being ready for a new development can be discouraging, it does not constitute what the city will and shall become nor does it define your worth as an individual.

A Temporary “No” or “Not Right Now” Doesn’t Mean Your Vision Doesn’t Have Worth

I reached back in my thoughts and remembered the times I heard “no” or “not right now.”  Can’t you remember hearing it also?  Don’t you recall being excited about developing alliances, creating friendships, and forging relationships that you knew would develop into amazing opportunities?  I believe that is how Detroit felt with Amazon.  Detroit and Amazon were creating a bond, and those involved with the process of wooing Amazon had hopes they would provide Detroit with an ultimate encounter that would last a lifetime.  Many reasons were probably provided why Detroit would be the premier place to be considered for the second Amazon Headquarters that would bring economic growth, a promising tax base, and stable employment to the city.  However, it didn’t matter how polished the city was described and the promises of what Detroit had to offer to Amazon.  The decision of “no” was given.  As I read other articles, some of the reasons given were the talent didn’t live here, the infrastructure wasn’t ready, the lack of organized mass transportation and a host of other flaws were mentioned.  Doesn’t that sound familiar with real life?  Imagine preparing for an interview, starting a partnership, or trying to promote an idea to an investor.  It doesn’t matter how good we feel or how presentable the plan might be, the ultimate answer is “No” or “Not Right Now.”  Also, there is another perspective we hear, “Well, you’re not quite ready.”

When others feel we are not ready, discouragement can be an emotion we all have known which can lead doubt to settle deep within our consciousness.  We feel like giving up because our idea wasn’t accepted on a celebratory level.  Awwww, we question ourselves and our ability.  We ponder on negativity and believe we should have never tried to attempt to apply for something unimaginable.  We question our intelligence and contemplate if we really had the knowledge to pull off a grand scheme that would lead to success.  I’ve been there especially while developing the blog.

View Disappointments as An Opportunity to Find Your Greatness 

Initially, I thought of 100 gazillion reasons why I should not start a blog about Detroit.  It was easier talking myself out of writing than eating two brownies and three scoops of ice cream all at the same time.  If I asked someone if they wanted to collaborate with the blog and I didn’t hear a response, I used this experience to validate my doubt as maybe the concept isn’t admirable enough.  If I reached for assistance and I didn’t receive a reply, I made this to mean the blog and myself aren’t well known to others with “real” clout.  If I contacted someone for an interview with excitement and they weren’t interested, I buried myself in disappointment.  However, I had to get to a point where I would no longer accept temporary “no’s” and “not right now” as deductive reasoning for me not being an exceptional being with great capabilities.  Instead, I started to face these answers head on with the excitement of welcoming a day of sunshine while driving with the sunroof open.  Even though you can’t envision a bright moment with the words, “Yes, you have much to offer” on the first, second, or twentieth try, it doesn’t mean the opportunity will never present itself.

With a novel approach, I evolved, and that is what is happening in Detroit.  Yes, Amazon said “no” and “not right now” but that isn’t the end of the world.  Other organizations and projects such as Detroit Roses, On Detroit (DetroitorNothing), Young Lives Detroit, Love My Detroit, The Pantry House, Hope Park Detroit, Bee Detroit, Arise Detroit, ProsperUs Detroit, Hip N Zen in the Northend, The Greening of Detroit, and the Neighborhood Service Organization all find worth in the city of Detroit.  The efforts and commitment of these and many organizations in Detroit may seem to be making small strides, but it will lead and have led to great outcomes for Motown.  The same is happening with the blog.  I am making small strides.  I have forged relationships with people who find value in the blog.  My Sister Friends and some of my Faithful Supporters are contributing their time and energy to make a grand experience for those who are excited about changing the negative perceptions about Detroit and adding goodness to the environment.  Don’t worry about those who tell you “no” or “not right now.”  Use those phrases to give you a boost of faith to tell yourself, “Yes, I will succeed and build alliances with people who are willing to invest in my greatness.”

-Let your heart be full of new ventures that will lead you to the possibilities of limitless conversations!






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