A Conversation with Our Future Self By Tresa Simmons


A Conversation with Our Future Self By Tresa Simmons

There is a saying that hindsight is 20/20.  We all have thought or maybe said aloud if only I had known this or that I would not have made the choices that I made.  If I could go back, my decision would be different.  I would like to believe this is true for most of us.  However, there is also a saying that wherever we go, there we are meaning we make decisions based on our consciousness at the time.  A sister in one of the Facebook groups posted a question.  What does your future-self need to know?  So I thought on this question because I did not want to be flippant; and at the same time, I did not want to go into my head.  I wanted my heart to talk to me.  Here is what I wrote:

Tresa you are powerful…own it.

Tresa you are enough…believe it!

Tresa happiness is your best friend…play, laugh, and treat her honorably.

Tresa your rage is needed as much as your tenderness…respect them equally.

Babbbbbby your sensuality is palpable…taste it and Enjoy.

Intimacy with you is so divine.  You, Goddess are crowned.  Be proud and make no excuses for who and what you are.

You have the capacity to love and to forgive yourself…do it!

REMEMBER you are a gift to yourself…unwrap it.

If you are anything like me, you probably thought when you heard the word ‘future’ it means far off.  Well, the future is everything even the next second by second in front of our present moment.  How would our lives be different if our habit was to empower ourselves daily by the words we speak over ourselves? In preparation for our future self to live her best life, this would be a good start.  Thoughts in mind create after their own kind.  If that is true, and it is why not create a different experience for ourselves beginning with how we talk to ourselves using the power of language – the power of the spoken word.  Talking to ourselves differently will lead us to see ourselves the way we want to be eventually leading us to be able to see ourselves as the very thing we speak about.

It will take diligence, tenacity, and courage for many of us to fertilize and plant new seeds (words) in our garden (subconscious mind) so we can reap a new harvest.  When we have spoken poorly even badly about ourselves for so long, it becomes second nature.  We will have to pull up the weeds of self-hatred, putting ourselves last, getting around to it when I can, I am not enough, why bother, what will change, fear, laziness, or whatever will come up for us that will keep us from implementing and maintaining a changed mindset.

Sisters, why not write to your future self and tell her what you would want her to know about herself and spend time pouring into her.  Tell her you love her.  Remind her of her divinity and how powerful she is.  Most of all, remember she is you.  Who do you want to become as in how do you want to express yourself?  What does being powerful mean to you?  How do you want to show up on the planet?  We can all start with the beautiful words we write to ourselves.  Turn what you tell your future self into an affirmation.  Write the vision and make it plain.  We do not know specifically what the future holds, but we can choose how we show up.  Make your future powerful by creating the life you want to be proud of.   This may seem so simple, but there is power in our language.

If at ever you feel overwhelmed with this simple process, breathe.  Our breath is indication that God by whatever name you call your higher power is present and breathing us.  As long as we have breath, we have been shown grace and mercy.  I have decided to create a card that I can carry around for the next 30 days and upon rising and before going to sleep as well as throughout the day speak the words I wrote to my future self.  It is my desire as I meet her again and again she is someone that I am proud of someone whose love for self is impeccable.

I invite you to join me on this new journey of self-discovery of how beautiful we are and of how dynamic we can be by speaking and affirming it is so.  For you that are willing to take the 30 day journey with me, I would love to hear how this has changed your life.  This experiment does not require perfection only that we do not quit on ourselves.


One thought on “A Conversation with Our Future Self By Tresa Simmons

  1. Hmm, I don’t think I’ve conversed with or written anything for my future self before (but have done so for my past self). It sounds like a really great idea, though! Your words for your future self are so empowering. I especially loved this line: “Be proud and make no excuses for who and what you are.” And this is very interesting as well: “…your rage is needed as much as your tenderness…respect them equally.” This gave me a lot to ponder about. Thank you for sharing, Tresa!

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