It’s a Wrap!  So what’s next? By Klassy K

basketball court

It’s a Wrap!  So what’s next?

By Klassy K’s Sports Korner

Hey, hey, hey, it’s your girl Klassy K, the one and only! I hope that you guys are well, healthy, and still somewhat disappointed. Not at me of course, but at some of your Michigan teams. I mean what-the-what is going on around here, except that maybe Mother Nature is punishing us for not correcting the water conditions in Flint?  If someone has a close relationship with Mother Nature, you can remain anonymous, but can you please let her know that it’s the state government and not the Michiganders, shoot we pay our taxes! The calendar states the first day of spring was March 21, well some Michiganders had snow on their tulips, cars and other stuff that we are so sick of seeing it on top of, that white slushy stuff… go to hiatus! I am so tired of it, so that’s why I went to Florida for spring break and while on break I got a chance to see what the sun actually looked like again in 80 degree weather.

Well, my vacation could not have been completed without watching my home team, the boys in blue, University of Michigan playing the Villanova Wildcats. I was watching the game sitting in a heated whirlpool and sipping on two margarita’s while watching it on an 85 inch T.V only to lose my buzz when they lost, 62-79. I just knew I was going to see the Michael Jordan memes on social media, you know that Michael Jordan meme, where he is looking pitiful, eyes all red from crying.  However, I never thought they would have made it to the championship.  I also say, well done U of M coach John Beilein, the coaching staff, and players still deserve an applause.  I felt the excitement watching my team on television, it was like watching Obama winning the presidency in 2008 or the Pistons Bad Boys winning the NBA championship in 1989 and 90 or when they won in 2004, or when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup so many times, well you get the picture. I don’t know about you, but I was excited, it’s the little “good” things that happens in Michigan, especially if it’s the home team.

Well, I hate to add salt to the open wound during surgery, Da Pistons did not make the Playoff spot.  They lost it to the Philadelphia 76ers, so to all of you that were “hoping” that Blake Griffin could have used his “Kia Powers” or “All-Star Powers” were body-in-the-cemetery wrong. Remember, there is no “I” in TEAM. For those that may not know what his “Kia Powers” were, google his Kia car commercials, then you’ll see what I am talking about.  I know, I know, a lot of you hopefuls, including myself, have that 10% of hope that maybe, just maybe next year Da Pistons are going to be stronger than ever, if they can stay off the injury list.

Da Red Wings, are so done, they ended the season losing to the New York Islanders, ranking 5th in the Atlantic division in the Eastern Conference.  I think some of them are just waiting around to see who is coming to perform at Little Caesers Arena or at their beach front house somewhere at an undisclosed location, probably nowhere near Michigan. Da Tigers currently rank 3rd in the Central division, so that must be good, right? Well, let me also add they are 4-8 which means they won 4 and lost 8 games. Ouch! Da Tigers got a long way to go.  Hopefully, we can get some of that excitement back once the weather breaks, and no more bi-polar weather Mother Nature! We are confused, one minute we are wearing shorts, then we pre-heating our cars, work with me or I’m praying to God on you!

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