Make Chris Webber Great Again? By Klassy K

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Make Chris Webber Great Again?  By Klassy K

In my Martin Lawrence’s voice, “Wzup, Wzup, Wzuppppp home skillets?! It’s ya girl, coming at cha, did ya miss me? Well, you don’t have to answer that, because I know you did! Now give me an invisible hug. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather in the “D”, cause it’s hot out here for a pimp and everybody else that is soaking in this hot butt chicken grease weather. Yes, it’s just that hot, you can probably scramble eggs and sausage on your car hood, hang your washed clothes on the clothesline (that’s old school for my millenniums), take a shower or bath and go outside to dry yourself off, but before you do that, make sure it’s at night. You don’t want anybody to see what your mamma and your daddy gave ya!

So, now that the weather is hot, and Michiganders are enjoying all the festivals, concerts, parks, events, parades, beaches, etc., it is time to shine that green light on what is going on in Michigan sports. Well, to be honest, nothing is “really” earth-shattering to talk about, so we are going to talk about something else. I don’t know if you heard, but Chris Webber is coming back home! I know what you’re thinking, finally yes, yes, yes, he is going to return as a Detroit Pistons! Never gonna happen, again! Chris Webber was a Detroit Pistons back in the day like in 2007, played for a year, got his cheese, tried to prove his worthiness, and then he was out. Now, he is a television sports analyst wearing that dried up, needing some juices and berries on that matted untrained hair. Don’t get me wrong I love a natural man, but dang you’re on T.V. man (in my Chris Tucker voice). Chris Webber was a phenomenal basketball player, you should remember him for the “infamous timeout choke”.  Let me refresh your memory, it was the 1993 NCAA championship against the North Carolina Tar Heels, University of Michigan was down by two points. It was seconds left in the fourth quarter, and North Carolina Tar Heel player misses a free throw. Chris Webber gets the rebound, travels (refs didn’t see him travel), then runs the ball to the U of M bench, gets trapped by two North Carolina players and then calls timeout.


I know you are probably thinking, “well yeah, that’s what he should have done, so the other team won’t steal the ball or get a turnover or maybe the coach can come up with a play.” All that sounds possible, but his team did not have any timeouts left. If the internet was out then, it would have been Michael Jordan’s crying face all over Chris Webber’s face. Hell, probably the whole team, including the coach.  So, guess what happened, U of M lost, but hey Chris Webber still went pro, faced the Ed Martin scandal and moved on. However, he is set to return only to be an honorary football captain this fall at U of M. Yeah, you guessed it, his old Alma Mater after being banned for 10 years. Coach Jim Harbaugh asked Chris and surprisingly, he agreed, but showing up is a different story. I often wondered why now? I mean U of M made it to the NCAA championship this past season, they lost, but it would have been nice to see a Fab Five reunion. Not Hi-Five the singing group, but that would be nice too!

Well, the Detroit Pistons are trying to “unify” a team of players in hopes of becoming a competitive and winning team, by adding Bruce Brown, Keenan Evans and Khyri Thomas-not Kyire Irving (Boston Celtics). So, now the Pistons has a total of 8 guards on the team. Really? Why? All I know is when the Detroit Pistons season starts this late October, I better see T-shirts in the chairs, free lottery scratch offs under my $5 pop and $10 popcorn, and Little Caesars pizza given to me when I walk in the door with my ticket, because Tom Gores is spending A LOT of money on these players. You remember Blake Griffin’s and Andre Drummond’s contract, don’t you? Well, if you want to be a part of the Detroit Piston’s franchise, they are holding Detroit Pistons Dancers Auditions this Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1, Pistons Extreme Team Auditions on July 7th and 8th from 3-7 pm, Drumline Auditions on August 18, 2018, but check out their website for more information,, good luck!



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2 thoughts on “Make Chris Webber Great Again? By Klassy K

    • That calling “time out” goes every where he goes even in “Uncle Drew” but he keeps traveling. LOL

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