My Five Main Reasons Why True Bloggers Should Never Quit Blogging

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Get Over Your Fears and Chase Your Blogging Goals to Keep Your Soul Active

I am here to convince you that once you conquer the beginning stages of blogging, you can make it!  You just finished your first post.  Admit it!  The constant obsession with choosing the right words and perfecting each sentence deterred you from publishing it for others to read.  At least 25 drafts, and several months later you decided the post is good enough.  Again, this is your FIRST post, and failing is not an option.  Finally, you pushed the publish button.  A sigh of relief shakes the room. After ten minutes you check the stats on how many viewers or followers you have gained.  A total of 24 hours passed.  You have signed in to your site at least 50 times.

Can I share one small factor with you?  Get over all your fears, post that first post, and let it go!  The initial post is not a determining factor in how successful your blog will be.  As stated in a previous post, don’t measure your success based on what others are doing. It will take precious time, strategic marketing, and an enormous amount of networking before the blog will be noticed by a few thousands or millions of people.  Believe me chasing your dreams of being successful will keep your soul active.  Don’t become delusional that you have failed because the process of growth might be slow.  Keep writing, posting, and hit publish!

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It’s More than a Phase, It’s a Passion

I have read the above statement many, many, many, many times in various articles.  The phrase rings loud in my mind and I had to answer the call.  I loved Detroit, therefore I was determined to write about my passion.  My testimony that I declare to everyone is that it took over five years to get the courage to do so.  Be careful and don’t write about something you are not passionate about, because it’s the popular thing to do.  For example, how are you writing about fashion and you dislike shopping?  How are posting about the best restaurants and you have no desire to consume food outside of your home kitchen?  How can you educate others on how to save money, but you don’t have the sense to save a penny?  Writing should give you a sense of freedom, not pain.  Find your passion, then write until your heart is content!

Follow Dreams

The Blog Contributes Value to You and Those Who Read It

When I decided to focus on writing about Detroit, I knew I wanted to add value to my city.  Yes, I have said it before and will state it again, I am not oblivious to the trials this city faces.  However, the movement for change can start with something as simple as a blog.  Words are powerful, insightful, and motivating!  A blog should provide resources and value to enhance the life of yourself and especially others.

Hopefully, when people read your blog they will become excited.  One of the hopes of my blog is for people to feel intrigued to volunteer, don’t give up on a movement, start a movement, and for people to know that DETROIT stands for adaptability and beauty.  Remember, your blog is valuable, and you can uplift someone else or maybe the world!  You will face challenges while following and achieving your blogging dreams and goals, but don’t you dare stop trying.

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Proclaiming the Vision, You Have

When you Proclaim your vision, you are professing to yourself and others that your plans will come to fruition.  Your desire to achieve will manifest even when family, friends, and strangers doubt your efforts.  You will find yourself carrying a notebook at each given moment to jot down every fresh idea.  You will randomly text notes to yourself about the next blog you will write.  You will become unstoppable.  Your Faith will increase.  One of my favorite scriptures I live by is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”  Proclaim the Vision.  Believe in your expected end to achieve what you want in life. I see You, my blogger friends!  Get started on that next post, and don’t look back!

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Your Heart Will Tell You Blogging is the Right Thing to Do

Once you have decided you will remain dedicated to blogging you will feel obligated to stay committed.  Even if you take periodic breaks from posting, you will feel guilty if you abandon your vision.  You will feel a sense of restlessness.  The pen, paper, computer, and relentless acts of typing will call your name while you are sleeping.  My Dear Blogger Comrades, I am here to enlighten and encourage you.  Access the reasons why you MUST continue to blog.  I guarantee you if blogging is something you truly want to do, then you won’t even think about quitting!  Detroit, as long as I have the strength, I will be writing about You.  Please believe, I wish all My Courageous Bloggers out there the Best of Luck!

-Let your heart be full of new ventures that will lead you to the possibilities of limitless conversations!


4 thoughts on “My Five Main Reasons Why True Bloggers Should Never Quit Blogging

  1. Oh my goodness! This post spoke to me so loudly. We started our blog a year ago and I remember being so afraid to publish that first post as you illustrated lol.

    Yes, I have taken breaks along the way and then felt guilty during every last one. I have looked at what others have done and it got me nowhere. I even became discouraged at stats or that folks weren’t being supportive as I would like. But I have learned I have to remember why I started blogging in the first place and that I MUST stay in my own lane. Great post! Everything you said in here are #facts! I wish you the best along this blogging journey.

  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing. It’s so true. Bite the bullet and chase your dreams. I also believe we shouldn’t focus numbers alone. If one person reads it and it impacts them, the writers job is done.

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