Perspective is Everything by Tresa Simmons

perspective is everything pic

I’ve been working extremely hard, and that is going to change this year.  However, that statement was made to move me to another point.  I have been so exhausted these last couple of days although I rested.  I rested, for the most part literally, unless I had somewhere to be.  So on yesterday, as I usually do every year, I honored myself in keeping the ritual to bring the New Year in with clean clothes and a clean home.  What was different this year than all the other years was I started at about 5 pm.  The washing of clothes began, a journey to the grocery store, and the cleaning.  I was almost done when I realized hmmm I am not going to finish before 12 am.  I committed right then and there that I would not go into the New Year in a hurried mindset.  No, I knew that was not what I wanted.  Although then, I never realized it, but to have done so I would have come into the new year with this attitude of ‘there is not enough’….not enough time, not enough me, not enough.  When I made a different choice, immediately the thought came to me that somewhere the New Year has not started, and I thought about Arizona where my children resided.  I made the decision that would be my New Year time.  I chuckled and continue to do what I was doing.

Prior to this moment, earlier while cleaning, I remembered thinking another year of not being in companionship and no male company to bring the New Year in with.  No judgment, no sadness, but a statement to myself that next year this will change.  I kept doing what I was doing.  Here is where it gets so interesting.  Source has jokes.  My new year began with two men.  A little after 11pm a very dear friend of mine contacted me and we talked to almost 1 am and wished each other a Happy New Year.  Then another brother and I talked after he reached out to me.  Both have minds that make me think of orgasmic living.  I am not in relationship with either, but my perspective and mindset created a new experience for me.  Rather than complain about what I did not have, I set an intention.  Oh, and I forgot to say one of my beautiful sisters sent a word that she is sending love to me for the New Year.  I immediately accepted and told her I knew that it was not just only love from her but the love of a significant other as well.  So as I tell my testimony, I see what recently happened to me as Source saying ‘KEEP YOUR MIND RIGHT.  I HAVE YOU.’  Perspective is everything.

So whether it is the desire for a relationship, to finish cleaning before the New Year, a business or whatever, perspective is everything.  Begin to see all the good that is around you and in every situation.  I am so excited about 2019.  In 2018, I came out of hiding.  In doing so, which sounds like an oxymoron statement, I had to enter back into the darkness of myself with a different intent to see me and connect with myself.  This year I step into leadership first becoming a good leader of myself, my life.  Then move in the gifts to honor and to be of service to the feminine which serves us all well.


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