Rumor Alert: Federal gov’t is shutting down Detroit Sports too! by Klassy K

detroit pistons stands

Rumor alert:   Federal gov’t is shutting down Detroit Sports too! by Klassy K 

Happy NEW YEAR Home Skillets! Did ya miss me?! Mannnn! I know it’s been a LONG time. I had to take a hiatus and give myself a mental break, because of what is going on in Detroit sports. It’s depressing. I mean have you checked out Da Buffalo Wild Wings season percentage?  or The Failed Pistons? or what about Da Kittens? I’ll give you a moment to Google it, do you see it? Yes, now you see why I am clowning our sports teams. When I watch the news, I do so right before the announcers start talking about sports.  They even look depressed. Maybe that’s why they start with the bad and the good first, then they save the ugly for last. I’m just saying. Have you ever noticed how the announcers try to keep the same facial expression? They look like they are trying to sell you a car or something.  You know the one with the bullet holes, two flat tires, and broken headlight?  They’re neither happy or sad when they’re speaking in the camera. I think the only time they are showing some type of emotion is when they are talking about OTHER winning teams that are not part of the Detroit franchise. I am not going to lie Supaman Griffin is playing the hell out of that $100-million-dollar salary, but I was kind of disappointed about one of the games he played recently.  His rich butt missed those free throws at the end of the game, and you know which one. Was it me or did he miss them intentionally? I mean Da Failed Pistons could have won that game. Makes you go hmmmmm……  Well, I mean so what if he missed it.  It’s not like they can fine him or something, I mean win or lose, he still getting PAID.

detroit pistons flag

Unfortunately, us rat racers if we don’t go to work, we don’t get paid. It’s just that simple. I wonder if the NBA owners would implement that philosophy to their general practices, and see how well some of these “spoiled” NBA players will start playing better? Well, I’m just talking about “our” teams, nobody else’s, but I betcha’ things would be a lot different. Just think if they would have to punch in and out, take 30 minutes or if you are lucky, an hour lunch break, maybe have one or two 15-minute breaks, etc. I bet you they’ll start appreciating their dream job and playing playoff basketball every night! I mean think about it? If they knew that how they performed on game night depended upon them getting traded or benched or fired, how would they play?  Makes you go hmmmmmm. The Detroit Piston needs to lose the rest of their games.  Yeah, I said it!  We need to try to get a top draft pick in the lottery.  But guess what?  The owner Tom Gores gave that up, because of his deal to get Blake Griffin. WTF!?!  So, we are going to “suck again” for the next couple of years. I got to give it to Blake, he is the TOP SCORER for the Detroit Pistons. So, maybe they should change the name to Blake’s Piston’s, I’m just saying! I mean the other bench warmers are pretty good, like Reggie, Zasa, Ish, Andre, etc. However, I’m sorry Blake is a one-man show. Come on now home skillets, you know you be jitting when you see Blake playing!  Keep jitting, because maybe it will increase their stats.


And what about Da Kittens? Did you hear that they are in talks of trading our golden boy quarter whack Mr. Matt? Hey, what else could be a New Year’s “solution” for me?  Did you know they paid him over $100 million dollars to run and throw a ball?  Mr. Whack Matt has been a part of the Detroit football franchise for more than 8 years?  In my opinion, the Ford owners need to fire their scouts, because I’m trying to figure out, what are they looking for in a player?  Do they wait till these players go to college, then wait to see how they play in college and if they are on a “winning team”, then they decide?  Unfortunately, Mr. Whack Matt is still the quarterback for the Detroit Lions. SMH! I guess the good thing is that the franchise did fire the offensive coordinator Jim Cooter and got rid of Golden Tate.  Well, that was not a smart move, cause guess what?  Golden Tate is in the freakin playoffs with the Philadelphia Eagles. SMH! That should let you know, Tate was not the problem!  I mean yes, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last year. So, technically Tate is just fortunate enough to be a part of a winning franchise. Maybe the Detroit Lions should just re-build and go back to the drawing board, you know take it back to elementary. It’s not rocket science people! Defensive helps the offense. Well, put a fork in Da Lions, because their season is done, son! The Red Wings are 7th in the Atlantic Division. That pretty much means they are second from being last, but hey maybe it’s hard out here for a hockey player “pimp”. I mean come on Red Wings, you were given MANY opportunities to win games, but it just seems like they choke sometimes on the penalty shot.  SMH!  I don’t normally watch the Red Wings, because it’s just boring. It’s like watching tennis or a golf match or Trump talking about building a 5-billion-dollar wall.  It’s sleepy time!

The Detroit sports teams: Lions, Wings, Pistons and the Detroit Titans have lost more games than they have won.  Well, what do I know? If you don’t believe me, you can always check out their websites for stats/games/roster and other highlights for the Detroit Titans:, Pistons:, Wings:, and ain’t no use in listing Da Kittens a.k.a Da Lions. Maybe next year? NOT! Keep jitting home skillets!

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