Home Town Hero is Back?


Yo! Home Skillets, what is up? Hope everyone is good and dandy or just happy that the Lord is continuing to bless you every day. Hey, when you can open your eyes and have use of your 5 senses, I think you better get out your bed and start shouting! Amen, Amen, Amen.

So, as you know, John Beilein has kicked University of Michigan to the curb and is now head coach for the Cleveland Cavilers. What a traitor! The Cleveland Cavilers, I mean weren’t they our enemies when Lebron and company eliminated the Pistons from the playoffs during the early part of 2007 until about 2012. I’m sorry, but I guess making it to the Final Four twice wasn’t good enough. So, you do what they all do, leave for the cheese. Yep! I said it. The rat was making 3.8 million dollars at University of Michigan as head coach which totaled about 15 million dollars over the year.


Hmmmm, now think about it, that’s a lot of money. You are thinking, why would ANYBODY want to leave?! Right? I mean you are making a lot of money, you are rich, getting all the perks and benefits, doing something that you love to do, etc… I mean, we all want that in life which is living the American dream! Shoot! How can I be down?

But, I know a lot of you are wondering, well damn, why would he want to leave all of that? Well, I’ll tell you $25 million reasons why. Yep, that’s how much he will be making as the new head coach for the Cleveland Cavilers. I am trying to figure out if he could not take University of Michigan to the NCAA championship, what makes him qualified to be a head coach for the NBA?! Well, I mean he does have A LOT of experience.  I mean come on, he has been coaching during the time I was trying to decide what college I was going to go to, or when my father retired from Chrysler and/or when my youngest brother was still in diapers. You get the point! He is highly qualified, but is that enough? Makes you go hmmmm?

Well, who cares about him anyway? I wish him well and I know he will be missed. He is yesterday’s news. He did a great job with the University of Michigan franchise as head basketball coach, but I am going to be honest. We needed some new blood, because the old blood was reaching retirement.  Hell, John Beilein is eligible for social security. Speaking of University of Michigan, it has been decided that a legend is set to return to his alma mater. You may know him as part of being the Fab Five and saying his infamous quote during the 1991-1992 NCAA Champions Finals, “I told ya’ll we were going to shock the world.” Do ya’ll remember that?

Well, that new blood that is replacing old blood is Mr. Juwan Howard.  It has been reported that the home town hero will be the new Head Coach for University of Michigan basketball team starting this upcoming season. Whew Chile?! I’m percolating just thinking about his fine ass, Home Skillets! He still got it! I’m married, so I can’t be a head coach groupie. Well, I hope that he can take the University of Michigan franchise to a whole new level. I’m not expecting a NCAA championship any time soon. I mean he has to get a feel for the team and get his feet wet a little. Did I say wet? Home skillets, for my ladies only, you get it! Congratulations again Juwan and it’s good to have you back!


– Klassy K’s Sport Korner: A contributor writer      for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com