Lions say, put some “speck” on it! By Klassy K


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Home Skillets!! Hey yo, so let’s get straight into this match up or should I say mix up. When I found out that the first preseason game was against the New England Patriots, I was like hmmm. Who do I go and talk to and find out who developed the schedule? I mean, really dude! The Lions playing the NFL Champions……the Patriots? I was like, wow this is not a good look! I couldn’t believe the Lions would start the preseason like this! Now, I know what you’re thinking home skillets, “Well have faith in the  Lions.  They could beat them, you never know.”  Blah, blah, blah! I am willing to put some money on it, but why do that? They will not win. Well, that’s not going to happen anyway, cause I’m frugal. Hey home skillets, I’m just keeping it real. I’m saving up for retirement. Well ,why lie, I just don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.


I know, I’m throwing shade, but you could have checked out the blow out which was scheduled for today, August 8th at 7:00 pm at Ford Field. Tickets were still available. Well, of course they were. Tickets only started at $18. Now keep in mind these games are just scrub games!  It’s just to see the new draft picks and Matt Patricia’s new haircut. Have you seen him on the news? He looks so fresh and so clean, but he’s still wearing that pencil on his ear? Ok, is that the new style now? I mean, I remember doing that in elementary school which was so many, many years ago. Well, I tell you what if the Lions beat the Patriots, its only because the Patriots looked at this like practice. Or Quarterback Tom Brady got sick or missed his flight or fell down the stairs and couldn’t get up. Hey, a girl can have wishful thinking.  Well, this game doesn’t actually count in stats anyway like I stated earlier. These games are basically for the fans to have something to look forward to in the regular season.

I know if the Lions did “win” it will be breaking news on all the channels, including CW and channel 62.  Just kidding!  I know all the Lions fans, are probably calling me a hater and I should put some “speck” on the Lions.  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m from Detroit, but we have never won an NFL Championship and no one that is a marketable player wants to come to Detroit. It’s cold, our summers consists of 2 months out the year, we pay the highest in car insurance, and we celebrate a holiday that’s not even a holiday, *cough* Sweetest Day.  Hey, we do have the best pop and potato chips! My favorite pop is peach by Faygo and my favorite potato chips is the HOT chips by Better Maid.


Speaking of marketable players, the Tigers recently recruited John Schreiber, a right right-handed Michigan native whom the Tigers selected in the 15th round back in 2016. Ok, I know what you are thinking. Why is the franchise recruiting him when you already had him as a player? If you don’t think about it, it will make more sense.  And ladies, we got some new chocolate!  He is a baseball player from the Atlanta Braves named Travis Demeritte, *Google.* So, the Tigers may have something cooking in the dug-out!  The Tigers are now 33-78 in the Central Division and they also played today at Comerica Park @ 7:10 pm.  However, if you couldn’t make it, you can check them out on FSKC or Fox Station Detroit (FSDT).

I normally try to keep my home skillets informed of up and coming sports news, games, etc., but to be honest, nothing earth shattering has been going on. The Tigers are 5th in the Central Division.  The Lions pregame is starting today.  The Red Wings did not make the playoffs.  Finally, the Pistons season doesn’t start till October, but on a good note, Ice Cube’s basketball team the Big3 came to Detroit at the Little Caesers Arena! So, maybe that was the fireworks? For more information pertaining to the Detroit Lions and Tigers, check out their website at and

Who knows by the time you finish reading this post maybe the Lions and/or Tigers would have won!  Oh my!

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Football Arena Image Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash