What Could Have Been? by Butch Ford

baseball heroes

What Could Have Been? by Butch Ford

Last night Saturday October 20, 2019…The Houston Astros earned their second World Series berth in three years by defeating “The Evil Empire” better known as The New York Yankees 6-4 in the ALCS (American League Championship Series) on a game winning, walk-off home run by second baseman Jose Altuve.  Houston wins the series 4-2. They will face the Washington Nationals (formerly The Montreal Expos) who are making their first ever World Series appearance after sweeping The St. Louis Cardinals 4-0 last Tuesday.  But what makes this so special, you ask?  Well to us Detroiters it sets up a pitching duel of epic proportions. 

The Astros are led by former Detroit Tigers’ pitching ace Justin Verlander, who won his first World Series championship in 2017 after being traded to Houston from Detroit mid-season for draft picks and prospects in a move to lower the payroll.  While Washington will boast the talents of former Detroit Tigers’ All-Star pitcher Max Scherzer who defected Motown for greener pastures in Our Nation’s capital in 2015.  The pitchers have 4 Cy Young awards between them.  Honoring baseball’s best pitcher in that given year as selected by Managers and Sports writers.  Verlander and Scherzer led Detroit to several American League and Central Division titles but were unsuccessful in bringing home the elusive World Series Championship in two failed attempts while still with the hometown team.

MLB (Major League Baseball) insiders and Tigers’ executives felt that Detroit’s window with that specific group had closed.  So, they decided to move in a new direction.  Hence…breaking the team up and starting from scratch with younger, lower salaried players…after a very competitive and successful yet expensive 9-year run.  But did they react too soon?  Could they have been a little more patient with that group?  Should they have waited a couple more years?  Die-hard Detroit Tigers’ fans can only wonder what if & what could have been…as we all prepare to watch these two former local heroes and behemoths battle it out in The 2019 Fall Classic.  Should be a great one!  Who you got?


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