What is the future of Detroit’s sports entertainment or the future period? By Klassy K

Home skillets! What’s hatin’?! I hope you and your family are doing well and keeping safe during this pandemic. So much is going on in the world and it doesn’t seem to get better. From Emmett Till to Breonna Taylor, which happened to occur on the same day, justice was not served. We are not surprised that no charges were made or arrests for that matter. Therefore, no one will be held accountable for the tragedies that occurred. I am so disappointed in the judicial system and the “so-called” laws in place. It just doesn’t seem to include black people. Since the day of time, blacks were never given a fair trial, justice, or “equal opportunities,” etc. 

We always ask ourselves, “What did we do to deserve such unfair practices?” We still must ask ourselves that question, but it is not our fault that white people and police officers have a problem with us. We need to stop thinking that it is “us,” and really, it’s “them” with the problem. I’m so sick of hearing about the victim had a criminal record, or that person had a gun, really it was a cell phone, or that person looked suspicious, or something simple as that person looked at me the wrong way. So, “I abused my authority by killing them.”

Unfortunately, innocent black people are being murdered; it seems like every other week, harassed, discriminated against, etc. because white people and police officers have a “problem” with us. You know what they want, meaning the police and predominantly white people? Control, submission, and superiority. Reminds you of slavery, doesn’t it? The past four years have been the worst of my life, and it’s a shame that I have to tell my children about racism in 2020 and maybe called a “nigga” or “driving while black” when a police officer pulls them over for no reason. 

 I put all the blame on 45. Some of y’all already know who that is, whether “it’s” your president or not. The “stand back and stand by” will not denounce his white supremacy connection. He yells out fake news every time the truth is released, lies, promotes violence, exhibits narcissist behavior, and so much more. I don’t even want to get into it. You get the idea. We are tired of it, and deserve change now! Black, brown, people including decent white people, have lost a loved one for shouting “Black Lives Matter.” Covid-19, police brutality, and the “proud boys” are killing innocent people, including white people.

Celebrities and athletes are paying attention to the travesties of what is going on in America. They want change just like the rest of us. Athletes are showing their support by having their jerseys displaying social change. Celebrities are using their platform by speaking out via social media or television, etc. Everyone is affected somehow, and we all ask ourselves, “Will it ever end”? Yeah, when the earth has had enough, and judgment day will decide rather you are going to heaven or hell?  

The only thing that can somehow bring comfort is watching sports, television, being with friends and family, or whatever brings you enjoyment. Just try to enjoy your life as much as you can, because tomorrow, as you know, is not promising!

Speaking of sports entertainment, the Lions has only won one game this season out of 4, which is the worst in NFL history. The Red Wings had a virtual draft and had the number 4 picked and the chosen guard is Jan Bednar. The NBA Finals were this past Sunday, October 11th. The Lakers won against Miami Heat, which I called out. Tigers general manager Ron Gardenhire quit back in September, and the Pistons are still trying to figure out how to build the team around Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. So, what is the future of Detroit’s sports entertainment? Probably a question that the owners can answer or the general manager for that matter.  

– Klassy K’s Sports Korner: A contributor writer for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com

Virtual Sports, The New Norm? by Klassy K

New Norm Sports

Virtual Sports, The New Norm? by Klassy K

Home skillets! It’s been a long time and I know that it’s been quite a difficult time for all of us. Many have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus, became ill, and/ or suffered in some form of fashion. Whether emotionally, financially, physically, and/or spiritually, we all have been affected in some way. Our lives were completely changed overnight.  One day we are going into work to working from home, taking kids to school to homeschooling, having social gatherings with friends and family to now social distancing, Zooming, and wearing masks everywhere we go.

Honey chile, I have to say that one good thing out of all of this was not having to take my kids to school and picking them up. Homework, class projects, assignments, checking and reminding them to go to google classrooms, e-mailing and calling teachers, making sure their lunches are ready, trumpet and violin lesson(s), clothes are cleaned, hair is done, whew chile! I am having hot flashes just thinking about it. I guess I’m lazy, who knows?  Hey, that’s what working from home can do to you!

We (United States) were not prepared for this pandemic and unfortunately many lives were lost. Social injustice, police brutality, systematic racism, blacks being murdered, lynching of blacks (not suicide by “hanging themselves”), “Karen” incidents for just being black, and so many countless others, 45 and other political leaders are not doing much about it. I have to say that this “2020” was not what I was expecting it to be at all.  As a matter of fact, I was looking forward to it because it is the election year. Now Americans are finding other ways to entertain themselves, since sporting events, concerts, and other crowded outside events were all canceled.

Coronavirus Stadium

However, there have been many talks with owners of major league baseball, NBA, NHL, NFL, etc. to bring sports entertainment to the television. In fact, the Detroit Tigers will have their season game tomorrow, Friday, July 24 airing on Fox Sports, playing against the Cincinnati Reds at 6:10 pm. Unfortunately, the players will be playing in an empty stadium, but hey at least we can be somewhat entertained. What’s creepy though, some television outlets are thinking of creating animated virtual holograms to be “fans” in the stands. I guess to make watching the game seem “normal” since the virtual fans will make boo’s, clap, shout, and even do the wave. Well if that should happen at least we are going to be able to predict what they are going to do as soon as a player hits a home run, fouls out, or simply their teams are just flat out losing.

The NBA is doing “bubble” exhibitions with their players, which is another way of saying, welcome to the new norm pandemic basketball. The NHL is waiting to return to finish the rest of the season and the NFL is getting ready for training camps. I know eventually, sports entertainment will return completely.  However, will the new norm possibly be wearing masks, only allowing 50% capacity into a stadium, having hand sanitizers everywhere, practicing social distancing? Who knows?

– Klassy K’s Sports Korner: A contributor writer for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com



A Change Gonna Come by Klassy K


A Change Gonna Come by Klassy K

Home Skilllets! I hope all of you are well and staying home, staying safe. Prayers go out to all who have lost a loved one to the coronavirus, natural causes, or illness; rather, it was a friend, family member, or stranger. Just know that we will get through this together at some point. For those that have the virus or know someone that has the virus, stay prayed up, take supplements (vitamins) and seek hospital care. The pandemic has affected everyone’s lifestyle, including work, clubbing, going to the park or movies, vacation plans, concerts, sporting events, going out with friends/family, and or just going over a family member’s house to have Sunday dinner. Basically, the simple things in life we once looked forward to, and now it’s all put on hold until further notice.

We are trying to do all we can to stay active, sane, and healthy. Some of us have resulted in streaming, going to the store to buy essential items, zooming, or face timing with our friends/family members. Maybe even some of us are doing social media challenges or trying to do some exercise in our home, helping kids with assignments and coming up with other things to try to normalize our lives as we once knew it. This virus just “creeped” upon us like TLC and straight jacking up our lives like Ice Cube. It’s been boring. Hey, dull sounds good right about now, especially with everything that’s been going on with people dying, sick, or out of work. Please remember Home Skillets, this to shall pass.  We all must do our part in stopping the spread of the virus. I’m with Governor Whitmer.

It’s only so much social media, challenges, streaming, and going to the refrigerator that we can take. I need some stimulating entertainment! Not “the over” 18 activity, but I actually miss seeing the Detroit Pistons lose.  I missed the Detroit Tigers game day opener and even watching the Detroit Red Wings run up and down on a cold ice skating rink wishing someone could bring them a cold pop like Sweet Brown. All jokes aside, though, I miss watching sports, and I am a female, so you know I’m bored. If it’s not the Superbowl, the draft, All-star games, championship games, and maybe a competitive game that I might want to see, not interested. The men are more so sport fanatics then females, in my opinion. I guess that’s why men athletics get more attention than women athletics. It’s all about money, and which one generates the most money.  Like C&C Factory, things that make you go hmmmmm.

Well, I don’t know if you heard the NBA and MLB are thinking of having empty seat games. Basically, it’s going to be a bunch of rich men playing like its practice, but it’ll be against an opponent. Due to social distancing, the games will be televised. Ironically, some countries are already doing this.  It won’t be any time soon here though; many speculate in June. The WNBA draft was last week, which you probably did not know about, but I bet you know about the NFL draft? You know why? Right! Well, read the last two sentences in the third paragraph. The NFL draft starts tomorrow, April 23rd through the 25th. It’ll be a virtual draft. The Commissioner, Roger Goodell, will be announcing the draft picks from his house. This year the Detroit Lions have nine picks which one of them is the 3rd overall draft pick. Sport media outlets are thinking that the Detroit Lions will either pick an offensive tackle, defensive end, or quarterback. Yes, you read correctly, a quarterback!

Yes, we already have a quarterback, Matthew Stafford, but I’m speculating that he is going to want to be traded or retire. He had two back surgeries, been in the league for over 10 years, his wife had brain surgery, has two small children and he is over 30. Time for some new blood. I am hoping that the Detroit Lions franchise makes the right choice and pick Tua Tagovailoa, a junior quarterback from the University of Alabama. He is young, talented, and fine! Oh yeah, he can play too! Google for footage/stats. If they pick him, I will gladly spend $200 for nosebleed seats, ha! Who am I kidding? I’m frugal, and I’m social distancing. LOL.

On the last note, I would like to dedicate this blog to my friend and co-worker Latonja Degraffenreid-Smith and her husband Ricardo Smith. She recently lost her father in law and his father Rev. Richard Smith due to the coronavirus.  I would also like to dedicate this to the front line workers that risk their lives every day to save others. All we can do is pray Home Skillets, for continuous strength, because the pain never ends. God bless.

Klassy K’s Sportz Korner, an “opinionated” sports blog

-A contributing writer for aheartfullofconversations.com

Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash

Dear Coronavirus, you suck! Sincerely, Everyone by Klassy K

Dear Coronavirus

Dear Coronavirus, you suck! Sincerely, Everyone by Klassy K

Dear Home Skillets, we are gathered here today to live through this thing called life. I know we have dealt with a lot of viruses, and it’s been a very long time, but I’m here to tell ya, it’s something else, the coronavirus. I wondered what Prince was thinking when he wrote the song, “Let’s go crazy,” cause that’s exactly what is going on in the world today. From school closures, travel restrictions, some businesses local and private shutting down, college institutions, etc. Even all sporting events canceled, including NFL, NBA, College: March Madness, golf events, etc.  It makes you wonder. How did this happen so quickly?

The coronavirus pandemic started in late January of this year, supposedly started in China.  But how do we know if that’s actually true? If you go to the CDC website, it will show you how many other countries, including the United States that are infected. I know some of you are wondering, how did so many people from China travel to the different parts of the world? Was it transported by airplane, boat, car, train, etc. one could only assume? But one could also argue, was it airborne? If not, how would you explain it, because the virus spread so damn quickly? It went from 22 cases in China back in January to over 90,000 cases around the world? Really?

But the real question I want to ask is why your President just recently addressed the nation only a couple of weeks ago? Why did he go on national T.V. and tell us what we already knew? But what’s so sad about all of this, it’s something that we ALL should do daily, wash your hands, cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough and if you/or your child is sick, STAY HOME!  So, once this is all over, I betcha you will re-think next time about bringing your ill child to school, daycare, or over the babysitter’s house because you don’t want to guess what somebody else “might” get. This coronavirus is nothing like a common cold or flu. I know Spring is coming up and some of you may start sneezing, you may say you have allergies, but that does qualify under the coronavirus as well.

It seems like ever since ex-Piston Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson were traded, the coronavirus came out the blue. Just kidding, but now Piston player Christian Wood recently tested positive along with Two Utah Jazz players. Now, Kevin Durant! Don’t know when we will be getting some sports entertainment! Sports could ease the craziness that is going on, but others may not even care. However, we gotta be careful. I was looking at WWE the other night, and they played in an empty arena. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I guess in the meantime, all you die-hard sports fans can watch re-runs on YouTube, pray to God for a cure, or that the virus will soon subside. Well, I guess all of us should do that.

I have to say this is truly an eye-opener for me, this is nothing like the other viruses that we have encountered, like SARS, Ebola, etc. Somehow, we have not heard about them anymore? It’s also crazy that some new virus surfaces around elections or every other two or four years and who came up with the name? Corona? Like the “foreign” beer?  Hey, home skillets, it makes you wonder. But please reach out to your love ones, stop driving your car on E, buy food in bulk (especially toilet paper), if you can afford it, have some rainy day money in your bank account or under your mattress. God helps us all!  

– Klassy K’s Sport Korner: A contributor writer      for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com

Drop that 0 and Find a HERO! by Klassy K

Drop that Zero

Drop that 0 and Find a HERO! by Klassy K

Home Skillets! In my Martin Lawrence voice, “What’s up, What’s up, Whaaaaat’s Up!” Well, I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing! University of Michigan got STOMPED by Alabama State University 16-35.  Yeah, I know it was like weeks ago, but I’m still trying to pick up my face. I went to church that Sunday, cause my soul could not believe that U of M lost that game. I even asked the choir to play that gospel song that would go well with the U of M game. Well, you guessed it, they played Kirk Franklin’s “Stomp.”  I’m still singing Kirk Franklin’s song, “Annie say, Stomp, granny say, Stomp, everybody say, Stomp.” Well, you guys get the picture.

University of Michigan ranks 14 currently 9-4.  Maybe they will get their redemption at a bowl or something because the Crimson was just Tide of them and beat them. If University of Michigan, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Titans, Michigan State University and lastly the Detroit Pistons records were combined all together, we would be the greatest teams of all times. Well, a girl could dream.

Do you know what I think? It is time for a fresh start, the Detroit Pistons are 17-28 ranking 9th in the Eastern Conference.  So, let me break that down on how bad they are. If the Playoffs were this month, they wouldn’t even place. Only the top 8 team(s) from both Western and Eastern would qualify and they are slightly below. I watched this past game when the Pistons played the Sacramento Kings. They beat them. In my opinion, kind of looked like a practice game because the “Little” Caesars Arena had just that many fans in the stands. The owner should just randomly throw tickets around the state of Michigan.  He could have a special buy 5 tickets, get 10 tickets free, instead of just giving free tickets to charities, or giveaways and or calling previous people that have bought tickets and see if they would like to purchase tickets at a discounted price. Yes, true story, “someone” from the organization contacted me to offer me a package where I can get floor 100 section seats for the price of 200 section seats. They called me so much, I had to block their number. Now home skillet, I haven’t purchased tickets since they moved to the Little Caesars Arena.

Like I stated the Pistons played Sacramento Kings yesterday and beat them 106-127.  Now, the point leaders were Markieff Morris, Derrick Rose (you KNOW) and Christian Wood. Did you notice Reggie, Blake and Andre were not mentioned? You know why, because they didn’t play. Blake is injured and out for the WHOLE season. Yeah, the MILLION-dollar man! You know how much Billionaire Tom paid Blake and look at him nursing his knee in Punta Cana with his baby momma, sike! Naw, he is at his second home in Los Angeles watching Power and trying to find out “who shot GHOST”. Well, I’m only kidding. What do I know?

Well I’ll tell you what I do know is that next summer Andre Drummond will be a free agent. In case you may not know who he is, he is the dangly looking guy, tall, kind of janky that proudly wears the number “0” on his jersey. I am praying to God that the owners, managers, cheerleaders, concession stand, etc. do not re-sign him. Let him go, like the movie “Frozen.”  “Drop” him, like in the song by DJ Magic Mike! Well, you get the point. We need a HERO!  If you remembered a long time ago when I wrote my opinionated article about Blake Griffin, I thought he was going to be the Savior, but God said, “no not today or any other day.”  There can only be One David Ruff–, no Savior. I was having a flashback about the movie “The Temptations.”  Well, I hope Tom does not get tempted to re-sign number “0”, because we could sure use a HERO.

I don’t know what player(s) are going to be available for owners to sign for next year, but who wants to come here anyway? They should listen to T Baby’s, “It’s so cold in the D.” Maybe they need to watch the video because I’m sorry walking in the cemetery and seeing a homeless man on the floor is not going to be a deal-breaker.

Well, if you are still a believer in your Piston team, like you were with the Detroit Lions…..  Say what are they doing anyway? To be honest, they don’t even deserve to be mentioned in this article with their 3-12-1 ass! They couldn’t even win the last and final game. At least give the fans some hope for next year. Check out the Pistons on my hubby birthday, Friday, January 24, against the Grizzlies, or you can watch it on FSSE or Fox Sports Detroit. You can also check out your other favorite sports team:

Detroit Red Wings: https://www.nhl.com/redwings/schedule/2020-01-01/ET, Detroit Titans: https://detroittitans.com/index.aspx?path=mbball, Michigan State University: https://msu.edu, University of Michigan: https://mgoblue.com, or hell just Google!

Klassy K’s Sports Korner: A contributor writer for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com


That’s Rose, Derrick Rose by Klassy K

Derrick Rose pic

That’s Rose, Derrick Rose by Klassy K

What’s up home skillets? Did ya miss me?! I know it has been a LONG time, don’t beat me down! There has been a lot going on, nothing much, it’s called life. Summer is long over, the fall leaves has dropped, now we got this slushy white mess that is going on which will probably be here until April. Well, Prince did say that sometimes it snows in April and you know sometimes it snows in April especially in Michigan.

Now that the Detroit Little League Tigers season has miserably ended, Detroit Buffalo Wings ended also. Now, we are in football and basketball season.  I wanted to wait as long as possible before clowning the Detroit “Kitty Kat” Lions, because the season started off well! I’ m not going to lie.  I was pretty excited at first, because I was trying to keep hope alive.  You know cause the Lions struggled along the years, different coaches, players and uniforms, man they have been threw a lot. I know you can hear the sarcasm. Ok, so the Lions won their home game, and then they tied the next game.  Boy oh boy, Detroit went crazy! People were having tailgate parties.  Men and women of all colors were hugging and kissing.  Well, maybe all wasn’t kissing, but you could feel the love in the air. However, the Lions went from 2-1-1, to 3-9-1, ouch!

I saw a meme the other day on Facebook, and it was right after the Lions lost. It was a boy with his head down on a desk crying, and there was a man standing over him with his hand on his back.  The caption read, “The boy was being beaten by his mom and dad, and the boy pleaded that he wanted to stay with his aunt and uncle. So, he was granted that, but then they also beat him as well.  So, the man that had his hand on the boy’s back, said “Well, see if the Lions can take you in, because they can’t beat nobody”. I was dying laughing! OMG!  Well, you can always show your support by either watching the game on Fox or attending the game when they play the Buccaneers on December 15 @ 1:00 pm. I’m still taking the knee Kapp!

Now, everyone knows that Derrick Rose is a Detroit Piston.  You know Mr. Rose, he has been with so many, one cannot keep count! The Detroit Pitifuls, I mean the Pistons are currently in 9th place in the Eastern conference with a record of 10-14. That’s not bad! Yes, it is, why I’m playing.  Blake Griffin is out due to injury.  So, we have Rose, Derrick Rose to fill in for Blake. Mr. Rose can hold up his own.

The Pistons played yesterday, December 9, against the New Orleans Pelicans. Just in case you are not a college basketball fan, this is the team that the number 1 draft pick Mr. Zion Williamson is part of the roster, but guess what he didn’t play. All that money that he received and he’s not even playing. LOL. The Pistons beat the Pelicans 105-103. It was a very close game, but it was 3 seconds left of the game and tied. Guess who hit the winning shot? Mr. Rose! After the game, off course the announcers interviewed him, just asking some questions pertaining to the game, the team, etc. But, this is how I know that Mr. Rose is going to be a key player in getting us into the playoffs. I know that’s a while from now, but hey a sister can wish.  Anyway, the sports announcer asked Derrick, “So, tell me what you were thinking when you made the winning shot?” Derrick replied, “Excuse my broken English, but dis is what I do!” Home skillets, I almost jumped out of my bed and ran outside my house, cause this man said this on NATIONAL television.

Check out your home boy, cause he and the other Pistons will be playing this Thursday, December 12 @ 9:00 pm against the Mavericks.

Klassy K’s Sport Korner: A contributor writer for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com


Lions say, put some “speck” on it! By Klassy K


Lions say pic

Home Skillets!! Hey yo, so let’s get straight into this match up or should I say mix up. When I found out that the first preseason game was against the New England Patriots, I was like hmmm. Who do I go and talk to and find out who developed the schedule? I mean, really dude! The Lions playing the NFL Champions……the Patriots? I was like, wow this is not a good look! I couldn’t believe the Lions would start the preseason like this! Now, I know what you’re thinking home skillets, “Well have faith in the  Lions.  They could beat them, you never know.”  Blah, blah, blah! I am willing to put some money on it, but why do that? They will not win. Well, that’s not going to happen anyway, cause I’m frugal. Hey home skillets, I’m just keeping it real. I’m saving up for retirement. Well ,why lie, I just don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.


I know, I’m throwing shade, but you could have checked out the blow out which was scheduled for today, August 8th at 7:00 pm at Ford Field. Tickets were still available. Well, of course they were. Tickets only started at $18. Now keep in mind these games are just scrub games!  It’s just to see the new draft picks and Matt Patricia’s new haircut. Have you seen him on the news? He looks so fresh and so clean, but he’s still wearing that pencil on his ear? Ok, is that the new style now? I mean, I remember doing that in elementary school which was so many, many years ago. Well, I tell you what if the Lions beat the Patriots, its only because the Patriots looked at this like practice. Or Quarterback Tom Brady got sick or missed his flight or fell down the stairs and couldn’t get up. Hey, a girl can have wishful thinking.  Well, this game doesn’t actually count in stats anyway like I stated earlier. These games are basically for the fans to have something to look forward to in the regular season.

I know if the Lions did “win” it will be breaking news on all the channels, including CW and channel 62.  Just kidding!  I know all the Lions fans, are probably calling me a hater and I should put some “speck” on the Lions.  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m from Detroit, but we have never won an NFL Championship and no one that is a marketable player wants to come to Detroit. It’s cold, our summers consists of 2 months out the year, we pay the highest in car insurance, and we celebrate a holiday that’s not even a holiday, *cough* Sweetest Day.  Hey, we do have the best pop and potato chips! My favorite pop is peach by Faygo and my favorite potato chips is the HOT chips by Better Maid.


Speaking of marketable players, the Tigers recently recruited John Schreiber, a right right-handed Michigan native whom the Tigers selected in the 15th round back in 2016. Ok, I know what you are thinking. Why is the franchise recruiting him when you already had him as a player? If you don’t think about it, it will make more sense.  And ladies, we got some new chocolate!  He is a baseball player from the Atlanta Braves named Travis Demeritte, *Google.* So, the Tigers may have something cooking in the dug-out!  The Tigers are now 33-78 in the Central Division and they also played today at Comerica Park @ 7:10 pm.  However, if you couldn’t make it, you can check them out on FSKC or Fox Station Detroit (FSDT).

I normally try to keep my home skillets informed of up and coming sports news, games, etc., but to be honest, nothing earth shattering has been going on. The Tigers are 5th in the Central Division.  The Lions pregame is starting today.  The Red Wings did not make the playoffs.  Finally, the Pistons season doesn’t start till October, but on a good note, Ice Cube’s basketball team the Big3 came to Detroit at the Little Caesers Arena! So, maybe that was the fireworks? For more information pertaining to the Detroit Lions and Tigers, check out their website at https://www.detroitlions.com and https://www.mlb.com/tigers

Who knows by the time you finish reading this post maybe the Lions and/or Tigers would have won!  Oh my!

– Klassy K’s Sport Korner: A contributor writer      for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com

Football Arena Image Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash

Home Town Hero is Back?


Yo! Home Skillets, what is up? Hope everyone is good and dandy or just happy that the Lord is continuing to bless you every day. Hey, when you can open your eyes and have use of your 5 senses, I think you better get out your bed and start shouting! Amen, Amen, Amen.

So, as you know, John Beilein has kicked University of Michigan to the curb and is now head coach for the Cleveland Cavilers. What a traitor! The Cleveland Cavilers, I mean weren’t they our enemies when Lebron and company eliminated the Pistons from the playoffs during the early part of 2007 until about 2012. I’m sorry, but I guess making it to the Final Four twice wasn’t good enough. So, you do what they all do, leave for the cheese. Yep! I said it. The rat was making 3.8 million dollars at University of Michigan as head coach which totaled about 15 million dollars over the year.


Hmmmm, now think about it, that’s a lot of money. You are thinking, why would ANYBODY want to leave?! Right? I mean you are making a lot of money, you are rich, getting all the perks and benefits, doing something that you love to do, etc… I mean, we all want that in life which is living the American dream! Shoot! How can I be down?

But, I know a lot of you are wondering, well damn, why would he want to leave all of that? Well, I’ll tell you $25 million reasons why. Yep, that’s how much he will be making as the new head coach for the Cleveland Cavilers. I am trying to figure out if he could not take University of Michigan to the NCAA championship, what makes him qualified to be a head coach for the NBA?! Well, I mean he does have A LOT of experience.  I mean come on, he has been coaching during the time I was trying to decide what college I was going to go to, or when my father retired from Chrysler and/or when my youngest brother was still in diapers. You get the point! He is highly qualified, but is that enough? Makes you go hmmmm?

Well, who cares about him anyway? I wish him well and I know he will be missed. He is yesterday’s news. He did a great job with the University of Michigan franchise as head basketball coach, but I am going to be honest. We needed some new blood, because the old blood was reaching retirement.  Hell, John Beilein is eligible for social security. Speaking of University of Michigan, it has been decided that a legend is set to return to his alma mater. You may know him as part of being the Fab Five and saying his infamous quote during the 1991-1992 NCAA Champions Finals, “I told ya’ll we were going to shock the world.” Do ya’ll remember that?

Well, that new blood that is replacing old blood is Mr. Juwan Howard.  It has been reported that the home town hero will be the new Head Coach for University of Michigan basketball team starting this upcoming season. Whew Chile?! I’m percolating just thinking about his fine ass, Home Skillets! He still got it! I’m married, so I can’t be a head coach groupie. Well, I hope that he can take the University of Michigan franchise to a whole new level. I’m not expecting a NCAA championship any time soon. I mean he has to get a feel for the team and get his feet wet a little. Did I say wet? Home skillets, for my ladies only, you get it! Congratulations again Juwan and it’s good to have you back!


– Klassy K’s Sport Korner: A contributor writer      for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com


Did the Pistons Make the Playoffs?  By Klassy K 

Did Pistons Make the Playoffs

Home Skillets?! What’s up? Yeah, I know you’ve missed me.  I have missed you terribly too! Well, I am back from Spring Break and ready to get things poppin. Hope all the Da Tigers fans were able to make it to opening day which was April 4th.  I saw a lot of social media photos of you guys showing love and support for your team, wearing shirts, hats, got your face painted, wearing cloth wrist bands, banners, etc.  Whew, Chile! Yes, I know it was a lot, but wait, that does not include the price of the ticket(s).  In case you are wondering, there are tickets that are affordable ranging from $13 and up. That’s depending if you want to be able to see the game without wearing bifocals which you may have to borrow from your grandparents.


However, if you are ballin’ or received a company discount, then you may be able to sit close to the cock pit. Hey, if you got them for free, holla at ya girl, because like you, I’m frugal.  For all the money that was spent going to the game, I guess you’ll say, you got your money’s worth.  For those that did go, they won! Yes, they beat the Kansas City Royals, 5-4.  Now, the Tiger’s record overall is 8-5. It was a very close game.  Both teams did exceptionally well, but it could only be one winner.  Kuddos to Da Tigers!  Let’s keep hope alive and check them out today, April 12.  Actually, the game has been postponed due to the weather.  Hey, Minnesota’s weather is “Twins” with Bi-polarigan Mich-i-gan.  Get it, LOL!


Any who, have you heard?! Da Pistons made it to the playoff’s baby!! Yes, Hallelujah, praise to whom ever you worship! Yes, yes, yes! Ok, calm down, not that type of excitement. Hey, maybe it was a good idea getting Blake Griffin?! I know some of you were wondering was he worth the cha-ching, *cough* 100 million dollars! Maybe or maybe not? I guess I won’t say he was worth it until they win a championship. Well, I know it is going to take more than one player, but I wonder, are they still cloning humans? Hmmmm, I’m saying it, without actually saying it, but can a girl dream? I can say that Da Pistons worked hard for that 8th spot in the East.  They secured it by using that blue-collar work ethic! It was a rocky road.  You win some, then you lose some, trades, injuries, etc. uggh!

There is no “I” in team.  Team work makes the dream work, and this is the only way Da Pistons are going to win. That means everyone is going to have to step up their game. No time for errors, because it’s the Playoff’s baby! I hope they play like they are going to get pink slips after the season is over. If they don’t, at least make it to the 2nd round.  LOL.  I know, I know, that will never happen. Maybe someone will get traded.  Thanks to that sealed hundreds and million-dollar contract(s), a player can lose every game and still get paid! Ah, the American dream! Now, it is going to be a challenge for Da Pistons, great teams like the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, 76ers, Pacers and the number 1 ranking team in the Eastern Conference the Milwaukee Bucks. More than likely, they are going to get swept.


I remember when it was the Cavs ranking number 1 in the east, but ever since Lebron left, that team did not even rank in the top 10. Ha, at least you know that Lebron made a HUGE difference. Yeah, like he is making in LA with the Lakers. I only say that because once again, there is no “I” in team. Cavs looked up to Lebron as their leader, motivator and “team” mate. Shoot, the Lakers are doing so bad, Magic Johnson has stepped down as their general manager. Ouch! Was it because he co-signed for “Lebron” and it backfired? Oh Isaiah, what do you think about that? If you want to support and cheer for Da Pistons, they will be playing the number 1 team, Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday, April 14, 2019, @ 7:00 pm.  However, if you can’t make it, you can also check them out on TNT, if you have cable.


Lastly, kudos to the Michigan State University Spartans for making it to the Final Four! That changed A LOT of people’s brackets and some lost money, but who would’ve thought that the Spartans would have beaten the mighty Zion and the daisy Dukes.

Klassy K’s Sport Korner: A contributor writer for http://www.aheartfullofconversations.com


Make Chris Webber Great Again? By Klassy K

basketball hoop

Make Chris Webber Great Again?  By Klassy K

In my Martin Lawrence’s voice, “Wzup, Wzup, Wzuppppp home skillets?! It’s ya girl, coming at cha, did ya miss me? Well, you don’t have to answer that, because I know you did! Now give me an invisible hug. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather in the “D”, cause it’s hot out here for a pimp and everybody else that is soaking in this hot butt chicken grease weather. Yes, it’s just that hot, you can probably scramble eggs and sausage on your car hood, hang your washed clothes on the clothesline (that’s old school for my millenniums), take a shower or bath and go outside to dry yourself off, but before you do that, make sure it’s at night. You don’t want anybody to see what your mamma and your daddy gave ya!

So, now that the weather is hot, and Michiganders are enjoying all the festivals, concerts, parks, events, parades, beaches, etc., it is time to shine that green light on what is going on in Michigan sports. Well, to be honest, nothing is “really” earth-shattering to talk about, so we are going to talk about something else. I don’t know if you heard, but Chris Webber is coming back home! I know what you’re thinking, finally yes, yes, yes, he is going to return as a Detroit Pistons! Never gonna happen, again! Chris Webber was a Detroit Pistons back in the day like in 2007, played for a year, got his cheese, tried to prove his worthiness, and then he was out. Now, he is a television sports analyst wearing that dried up, needing some juices and berries on that matted untrained hair. Don’t get me wrong I love a natural man, but dang you’re on T.V. man (in my Chris Tucker voice). Chris Webber was a phenomenal basketball player, you should remember him for the “infamous timeout choke”.  Let me refresh your memory, it was the 1993 NCAA championship against the North Carolina Tar Heels, University of Michigan was down by two points. It was seconds left in the fourth quarter, and North Carolina Tar Heel player misses a free throw. Chris Webber gets the rebound, travels (refs didn’t see him travel), then runs the ball to the U of M bench, gets trapped by two North Carolina players and then calls timeout.


I know you are probably thinking, “well yeah, that’s what he should have done, so the other team won’t steal the ball or get a turnover or maybe the coach can come up with a play.” All that sounds possible, but his team did not have any timeouts left. If the internet was out then, it would have been Michael Jordan’s crying face all over Chris Webber’s face. Hell, probably the whole team, including the coach.  So, guess what happened, U of M lost, but hey Chris Webber still went pro, faced the Ed Martin scandal and moved on. However, he is set to return only to be an honorary football captain this fall at U of M. Yeah, you guessed it, his old Alma Mater after being banned for 10 years. Coach Jim Harbaugh asked Chris and surprisingly, he agreed, but showing up is a different story. I often wondered why now? I mean U of M made it to the NCAA championship this past season, they lost, but it would have been nice to see a Fab Five reunion. Not Hi-Five the singing group, but that would be nice too!

Well, the Detroit Pistons are trying to “unify” a team of players in hopes of becoming a competitive and winning team, by adding Bruce Brown, Keenan Evans and Khyri Thomas-not Kyire Irving (Boston Celtics). So, now the Pistons has a total of 8 guards on the team. Really? Why? All I know is when the Detroit Pistons season starts this late October, I better see T-shirts in the chairs, free lottery scratch offs under my $5 pop and $10 popcorn, and Little Caesars pizza given to me when I walk in the door with my ticket, because Tom Gores is spending A LOT of money on these players. You remember Blake Griffin’s and Andre Drummond’s contract, don’t you? Well, if you want to be a part of the Detroit Piston’s franchise, they are holding Detroit Pistons Dancers Auditions this Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1, Pistons Extreme Team Auditions on July 7th and 8th from 3-7 pm, Drumline Auditions on August 18, 2018, but check out their website for more information, https://www.nba.com/pistons/, good luck!



Klassy K Sports Korner:  contributor writer for aheartfullconversations.com