The Curse of the Lions? by Klassy K 

Cursed Lions

The Curse of the Lions? by Klassy K

Home Skillets! What in the hell or heaven is up? Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and let there be a joyous New Year for you as well. As we are counting down the last few days of December and getting ready for 2020, let’s try to reflect on our mistakes, goals and forgiveness. Hope everyone is going to forgive, but not forget.  Let go and let God, and most importantly mind yo business! Speaking of minding my business, I am trying to figure out what in the fart doo doo is going on with our Detroit sports team.

The Lions lost their last three games. The Red Wings lost four in a row.  The only Detroit Team that seems to be staying afloat is the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons played the Washington Wizards 102-132, beating them almost by 30 points last night, spanking that ass, but maybe they beat them because the Wizards beat them just a week ago. Makes you go hmmmm?! The reason why I say that the Detroit Pistons are staying afloat is, because before this big W they lost four in a row! I mean what in the hell or heaven is going on! I ask myself this question all the time.  Yes, I talk to myself sometimes. My momma dropped me when I was a baby. So, there you have it. I haven’t been diagnosed yet, but I’m black.  My parents didn’t take me to the doctor, and they always said, “She’s growing, she’ll grow out of it”, LOL. But my sister and my brother all have the crazies, and we have passed it on to our children.  Maybe we are cursed? Hmmmm, like maybe the Lions?

I read an article the other day about, “Is Jeff Bezos trying to buy the Detroit Lions?” Really, dude! I mean who would want to buy garbage? It’s free at the incinerator. If any of you are wondering who the hell is Jeff Bezos, he is the CEO of Amazon which net worth is $115.9 BILLION dollars. That’s more money than at the Federal Reserve, more money than Oprah, and all the black athletes and entertainers combined. I would love to just spend 1 hour with him and ask what his secret to success is without paying for it. I mean hell, why would he need my $39.99 to buy his book? Home Skillets do ya feel me! That $39.99 to him would be to pay for his one bottle of water. Truth be told, no one wants to buy the Detroit Lions. You know why, because they were cursed by Bobby Layne. Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  Who in the hell is Bobby Layne? Bobby Layne was a former quarterback for the Detroit Lions back in the 1950’s.  During that time, they won four world championships which is now called the Superbowl Championships.  They were an unbeatable team, until the owners at the time traded him to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Can you believe that? Imagine going to work and you are greeted by security guards asking you for your ID and handing you your belongings while exiting you out the door. No notice meaning no call, no e-mail, no text, nothing in writing, nothing. Do you blame him for wanting to “curse” the Lions? Now you’re probably not superstitious, but if you noticed the Lions haven’t won any Superbowl’s within the last hundred thousand years! Great coaches, players have come and gone, Billy Sims, Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Sue, Golden Tate, and that’s just to name a few. It just lets me know, it’s not about winning to the owners. They only care about selling seats and making that bag. Have you ever wondered WHY the Ford’s NEVER do a press conference or speak to the fans about the future of the Lions, nope. You know what’s the solution, stop going to the games, stop watching it on T.V, take the Knapp Knee, and stop wasting your money and putting your disgruntle thoughts about the Lions on social media. So, let’s try to bring in the New Year right, appreciate what you have, create new memories, love life, check up on your love ones, take care of yourself, and stay active.  Whatever “active” means to you, LOL.

Before signing off, check out your favorite sport teams.  The Detroit Pistons play this Saturday, December 28, against the Spurs @8:30 pm.  The Detroit Lions play the Packers this Sunday, December 29, at 1:00 pm.  Lastly, the Red Wings play this Sunday as well against the Lightning at 7:00 pm.  The Red Wings also play tomorrow in case you really want to watch it.

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The Pistons Next Hero, Anthony Davis? By Klassy K

Pistons Scoreboard

The Pistons Next Hero, Anthony Davis?  By Klassy K

Man, oh man, Home Skillets! I’m about to get right to it. Many may not know that the Pistons have a losing record, and it’s not even 50%.  They have lost more games than they have won. Sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but it’s about to get even worse. Now, you know about the trade to get Blake Griffin? How many players do you think the Pistons franchise had to give up? Or Round pick? Or Tom Gore’s bank statements or auction a few Bad Boys paraphernalia? Who knows, only what the media tells you, but you can get an idea that it was worth 100 million dollars.

Yeah, it’s crazy, right, but also remember that the Pistons just three years prior, offered “zero” a.k.a. Andre Drummond over 100 million dollars which equal about $25 million a year for a 5-year contract, not bad for a guy that averages 13 points and rebounds. Ahh, before you tell yourself that’s pretty good, Google centers like Joel Embiid or Anthony Davis and holla back. Now, you can also say, well it could be their coach, staff or teammates.  Blah, blah, blah, call it what it is! Well, I was watching the news about 2 weeks ago and Channel 2 was interviewing Billionaire Tom a.k.a Richie Rich. He is the owner and the guy that pays people who don’t know what they are doing, they think they do, but they really don’t. They remind me of “yes sir and what-ever you want sir” because the Pistons are about to do another idiocy trade.

Now, I don’t know if you know, but Anthony Davis is about to be a free man. No ladies, I don’t mean that type of free, but a free agent. Anthony Davis is currently playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, averaging about 25-30 points, and 10-13 rebounds. So, wouldn’t it be cool if the Pistons could get rid of that “zero” Andre Drummond and get with a hero Anthony Davis! Yeah BABY! The Pistons need to be saved! Can you picture Mason calling out 6’10, forward-center, Big Eazy, unibrowwwwww, from Chicago, IL ANTHONY DAVIS???? The crowd goes wild! Now the Pistons will have two major players on the team, Blake and Anthony, Batman and Robin, hmmmm, that sounds like money!

Well, that’s not going to happen, you know why?  Because the Pistons franchise can’t afford Anthony Davis. You know what they are doing?  Trading for GARBAGE and SCRAPS! Yeah, you would think that Tom Billionaire would just pony up the dough, but nah, Drummond and Griffin, combined is over $200 million dollars. Don’t forget about the other bench warmers. Did you know that the Pistons are worth over a billion dollars? I guess that’s why the pop, pizza, water (should be free) and other food and merchandise items cost you 1/3 of your paycheck.  Hey, they must do something to cover the costs to pay these divas. Oh, I forgot, you do have to pay for parking which is about $20 to 30.  So, make sure you attend the games alone!

Little Caesars Arena Sign

Now, back to GARBAGE and SCRAPS.  Well, the Pistons organization is desperate, so desperate that they are going to trade Reggie Bullock for Lakers guard Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk.  Did your carpet move too when you said his name? I wonder how Mason is going to introduce him to the Detroit fans? I know one thing, it doesn’t sound sexy! Also, the Pistons franchise is trying to get Thon Maker. Yeah, who? I said the same thing. He is tall about 7’1, shoots 3’s, rebounds the ball, and played for the Milwaukee Bucks.  He can be a great asset to the team.  Yeah ok, not averaging 6 points a game, Home Skillets.  I can’t make this up! God, please send us Anthony Davis!

For games, events and other Piston stuff you want to know about, check out their website at

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Rumor Alert: Federal gov’t is shutting down Detroit Sports too! by Klassy K

detroit pistons stands

Rumor alert:   Federal gov’t is shutting down Detroit Sports too! by Klassy K 

Happy NEW YEAR Home Skillets! Did ya miss me?! Mannnn! I know it’s been a LONG time. I had to take a hiatus and give myself a mental break, because of what is going on in Detroit sports. It’s depressing. I mean have you checked out Da Buffalo Wild Wings season percentage?  or The Failed Pistons? or what about Da Kittens? I’ll give you a moment to Google it, do you see it? Yes, now you see why I am clowning our sports teams. When I watch the news, I do so right before the announcers start talking about sports.  They even look depressed. Maybe that’s why they start with the bad and the good first, then they save the ugly for last. I’m just saying. Have you ever noticed how the announcers try to keep the same facial expression? They look like they are trying to sell you a car or something.  You know the one with the bullet holes, two flat tires, and broken headlight?  They’re neither happy or sad when they’re speaking in the camera. I think the only time they are showing some type of emotion is when they are talking about OTHER winning teams that are not part of the Detroit franchise. I am not going to lie Supaman Griffin is playing the hell out of that $100-million-dollar salary, but I was kind of disappointed about one of the games he played recently.  His rich butt missed those free throws at the end of the game, and you know which one. Was it me or did he miss them intentionally? I mean Da Failed Pistons could have won that game. Makes you go hmmmmm……  Well, I mean so what if he missed it.  It’s not like they can fine him or something, I mean win or lose, he still getting PAID.

detroit pistons flag

Unfortunately, us rat racers if we don’t go to work, we don’t get paid. It’s just that simple. I wonder if the NBA owners would implement that philosophy to their general practices, and see how well some of these “spoiled” NBA players will start playing better? Well, I’m just talking about “our” teams, nobody else’s, but I betcha’ things would be a lot different. Just think if they would have to punch in and out, take 30 minutes or if you are lucky, an hour lunch break, maybe have one or two 15-minute breaks, etc. I bet you they’ll start appreciating their dream job and playing playoff basketball every night! I mean think about it? If they knew that how they performed on game night depended upon them getting traded or benched or fired, how would they play?  Makes you go hmmmmmm. The Detroit Piston needs to lose the rest of their games.  Yeah, I said it!  We need to try to get a top draft pick in the lottery.  But guess what?  The owner Tom Gores gave that up, because of his deal to get Blake Griffin. WTF!?!  So, we are going to “suck again” for the next couple of years. I got to give it to Blake, he is the TOP SCORER for the Detroit Pistons. So, maybe they should change the name to Blake’s Piston’s, I’m just saying! I mean the other bench warmers are pretty good, like Reggie, Zasa, Ish, Andre, etc. However, I’m sorry Blake is a one-man show. Come on now home skillets, you know you be jitting when you see Blake playing!  Keep jitting, because maybe it will increase their stats.


And what about Da Kittens? Did you hear that they are in talks of trading our golden boy quarter whack Mr. Matt? Hey, what else could be a New Year’s “solution” for me?  Did you know they paid him over $100 million dollars to run and throw a ball?  Mr. Whack Matt has been a part of the Detroit football franchise for more than 8 years?  In my opinion, the Ford owners need to fire their scouts, because I’m trying to figure out, what are they looking for in a player?  Do they wait till these players go to college, then wait to see how they play in college and if they are on a “winning team”, then they decide?  Unfortunately, Mr. Whack Matt is still the quarterback for the Detroit Lions. SMH! I guess the good thing is that the franchise did fire the offensive coordinator Jim Cooter and got rid of Golden Tate.  Well, that was not a smart move, cause guess what?  Golden Tate is in the freakin playoffs with the Philadelphia Eagles. SMH! That should let you know, Tate was not the problem!  I mean yes, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last year. So, technically Tate is just fortunate enough to be a part of a winning franchise. Maybe the Detroit Lions should just re-build and go back to the drawing board, you know take it back to elementary. It’s not rocket science people! Defensive helps the offense. Well, put a fork in Da Lions, because their season is done, son! The Red Wings are 7th in the Atlantic Division. That pretty much means they are second from being last, but hey maybe it’s hard out here for a hockey player “pimp”. I mean come on Red Wings, you were given MANY opportunities to win games, but it just seems like they choke sometimes on the penalty shot.  SMH!  I don’t normally watch the Red Wings, because it’s just boring. It’s like watching tennis or a golf match or Trump talking about building a 5-billion-dollar wall.  It’s sleepy time!

The Detroit sports teams: Lions, Wings, Pistons and the Detroit Titans have lost more games than they have won.  Well, what do I know? If you don’t believe me, you can always check out their websites for stats/games/roster and other highlights for the Detroit Titans:, Pistons:, Wings:, and ain’t no use in listing Da Kittens a.k.a Da Lions. Maybe next year? NOT! Keep jitting home skillets!

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Does the “D” have a Triple Threat? by Klassy K


Does the “D” have a Triple Threat? by Klassy K

Hey, hey, hey, in my Fat Albert voice, no relation to Bill Cosby, but HOME SKILLETS what’s up? I’m sorry, but I’m so excited! No, I didn’t win the Mega Billion.  However, I can’t wait to start talking about the sporting events that have been going on in the D!  I know you have been checking out the games. Well, I hope at least.  Please tell me you have.  I have to say that the Da Pistons and the L-I-O-N-S, are doing pretty good so far. Yes, yes, I know in my last article, I mentioned that Da Lions “ain’t living their best life”, but Da Lions are looking quite impressive.  They must’ve read my article, just kidding! Da Lions are 3-3 and rank 3rd in the NFC North division, for those that may not know what NFC means, “National Football Conference”.  Now, I had to Google that myself.  Did you know that Da Lions have never made a Super Bowl appearance?  Close your mouth. Hopefully, that will change before my 5-year-old nephew graduates from college or when the White House has an African American Madame President.  Hey, home skillets, you never know!  I’m going to be optimistic.

Anything is possible, right?  The sky is the limit!  Believe in yourself!  Never give up!  I could think of every possible “cheer up” phrase, because sometimes money can’t always do it.  Hey, maybe a billion could?  I don’t know, cause in the words of Biggie Smalls, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.”  Players make a living doing something that they have been doing since they were kids.  You would think that it wouldn’t take much to go out on the field, stadium or court and give it their ALL!  I’m not saying all of them don’t, but I don’t know.  I guess the older you get the more stressful you become, because of the pressure of WINNING!

Speaking of stressful or should I say depression, Da Red Wings should not be allowed to enter the Little Caesars arena, period!  Mike IIitch is looking down begging God to let him come back, so he can turn around his team.  Da Red Wings rank last in the conference.  Did you hear me?  LAST!  The last game Da Red Wings played, they only had 8 chances to score.  The other team had 45 chances, I guess Da Red Wings should change their names to Da DEAD Wings or Da DEEP-Fried Wings?  I’m just saying!


Now, Da Lions and Pistons are doing pretty good so far. So, I was hoping that the “D” had a triple threat with Da Red Wings, not.  They “ain’t living their best lives” and I’m not going back and forth about them neither.  Alright, I’m done!  Da Lions have won their last two games and what ever the coaches and players are doing, please keep on keeping on.  I’m going to keep hope alive!  Now give me an air pump fist home skillets.  I see you! Da Lions does have an upcoming game this Sunday, October 28, at 1:00 pm on Fox.  Guess what?  My psychic powers are telling me that they are going to beat the “shiznicks” out of them.  I tried to use my psychic powers on coming up with the winning lottery numbers, but God said, “How can I bless you with all that money, when gambling is a sin?”  Then I said, “Well, the person that has the winning lottery ticket, are they going to hell”? God said, “No comment.”  Well, I guess that’s why I don’t play.

Now, let’s talk about, DET-ROIT BASKET-BALL! The pre-season has come and gone.  It kind of looked like Da Pistons were not going to be a competitive team.  However, in the regular season, Da Pistons are 3-0 BABY! Did you see the last game they played against the 76ers and beat them in overtime?  OMG, shoot the way they played, it reminded me of the Bad Boys era. Blake Griffin scored 50 points!  The last time a Pistons player scored those many points in a single game was with Richard “Rip” Hamilton back in 2006.  I think Blake is trying to make the best of his days playing as a Piston.  I mean he is 29 years old, and that’s really 49 years old in basketball years.  Da Pistons are set to play the Cavaliers and the Celtics this week. Hey home skillets, do you think Da Pistons will go on a winning streak? 5-0? Be the BEAST in DA EAST?  Well, we will soon find out, but for upcoming games, highlights, etc., you can visit their website at: 

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Lions ain’t living their best life, thanks Matt… by Klassy K


What’s up home skillets?? It’s your girl again, and I know it’s been a while.  Now that summer is OVER, and the kids are back to school, I am BACK BABY!! It’s football season, and you know I must talk about The Detroit Lions. The last article I wrote was about how the Lions are purring, instead of roaring. I was just about to write a positive article when they beat the New England Patriots. I was like yes, yes, yes, not like having an orgasm yes, but I was excited that the Lions won.  However, it hit me that in my opinion, the Lions won, because Matt Patricia used to be part of the New England Patriots. Who would know more about how to beat your old team better than the old defensive coordinator? I mean come on home skillets, the guy worked for the New England Patriots. So, what did you expect?


Matt served as an assistant coach and defensive coordinator, and with that on his resume, they betta had won! I’m just saying! I know a lot of fans were rejoicing on social media, cheering in the stadium, eating and drinking beer at the tailgate, hugging and loving each other, singing ebony and ivory, and just showing love for the game. I know I was in the spirit of a lion as well, but all that excitement went with me to the bathroom, and I flushed it all down the toilet. You know why? The reason is the Lions played the Oakland Raiders, and the New York Giants the following week. In the words of Drake, they lost “back-to-back”.  Currently, the Lions are 1-3. Maybe they should change their name to “loser’s” instead of “Lions.” Why not? They have the same number of letters and they start with the letter L. Hey, I think I’m on to something. I should tell the Ford’s about my suggestion, but they are already embarrassed. So, why add salt to their existing wound. 


I hate to even add more salt. Did you know that Jim Caldwell, former Detroit Lions coach, is now teaming up with Vince McMahon to reboot the XFL football team for 2020? I don’t know if you remembered, but basically it was a football franchise team made up of athletes that couldn’t cut it in the NFL and other leagues.  They had muscle, physical strength, and could still play the game. They did not make a lot of money either, unlike some of the heavy hitters in the NFL, but at least they got to “still” do something that they enjoyed doing.  However, it only lasted the year that the season started.  The XFL football franchise is trying to “get their groove back” or should I say, “Make Football Great Again” for the Lions anyway. Maybe XFL can bring some excitement on the days that the Detroit Lions play. Ok, I am done with the shade, not quite. Did you also know that Jim Caldwell was one of the best coaches that the Detroit Lions has had since I was born? Without telling my age, but since the early 70’s. I know the Ford’s wanted to get to the Superbowl, but hell Jim Caldwell took them to the playoffs!


I don’t know if this new coach Matt Patricia is going to get the Lions to the playoff’s let alone a Superbowl. I know it’s his first year, I guess I should cut him some slack. Huh? Nope! Look at his resume, and then holla back at me. I am sorry Detroit fans, but 1-3 is not impressive considering Matt’s experience being a part of a ” winning team” that won playoffs, and later won Superbowl’s. Do you like the way I put the “s“, like I put the re”s”pek on that! I got mad love for teams that play together and win together. Hopefully, the Detroit Lions should have some type of motto to follow, because there is no “I” in team. Golden Tate can’t do it all, and the quarterback Matt Stafford needs to be protected. I think the Detroit Lions are lacking in “offense” and nobody can seem to protect the quarterback! If the Lions can stay away from Lafayette Coney Island and Krispy Crème doughnuts, maybe, just maybe, they can have enough cardio and strength to protect him. I’m just saying!

Well, while Jim Caldwell is “living his best life.” You can check out the Detroit Lions tomorrow, Sunday on Fox 2 Detroit, playing against the Green Bay Packers at 1:00 pm in Detroit. For more highlights and schedules, you can go to their website at

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Lions Roar, More Like Purr by Klassy K



Lions Roar, More Like Purr by Klassy K

What’s up home skillets?! Did ya miss me! Well, I missed you. I missed you so much, I’m writing this article on a beautiful sunny day instead of riding my bike. So, you guys are very important to me. I know what you are saying, “Thank God it’s not raining, because God would strike her down!” I know what you’re thinking, but on the for real, for real, I haven’t written one of my infamous, yet funny and informed articles since June. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, spending time with family and friends, and just “living their best life.” Smile, smile, come on! Well, I did not want to put the profanity after smile, must think about my PG-13 readers. I know you have heard that song with Lil Duval and Snoop Dogg, it’s so catchy.

Well, a lot is going on in Detroit. There was the passing of one of the greatest Entertainers to ever live, the Queen of Soul and Mississippi born, but Detroit fed, Ms. Aretha Louise Franklin. Many celebrities came to pay homage at her funeral. Mary Kay lined up their Pink Cadillacs on 7-mile, different casket wardrobe changes at the Charles H. Wright museum, and performances at Chene Park.  Man, it was crazy, but crazy in a good way. People lined up awaiting to show love, and last R-E-S-P-E-C-Ts to the “didn’t hold her tongue”, beautiful, kindhearted, pianist, award-winning, fur coat wearing, used her Bloomfield home as a storage, and would throw shade in a minute. Now, she is in Heaven with some of the greatest entertainers, like Prince, Whitney, Michael, Sam Cooke, Otis, Marvin, Luther, just to name a few. I know they are makin hits up there, singing and jamming with our lost loved ones. She will forever be missed; may she be at peace with her friends and family in Heaven.


Speaking of being at peace, I have decided to be at peace with the fact that the Lions will never win a Super Bowl. I shouldn’t say never. I’ll say while I’m still breathing on this Earth, they will never win one. Did you see the televised Detroit Lions game the other night? OMG!  The Cleveland Browns spanked them so bad, they were purring instead of roaring. Thank God it was just a “preseason” game, but if this is what it’s going to be like, then what was the purpose of hiring a new coach. I’m not impressed with Matt Patricia! The Lions organization fired Jim and replaced him with another losing coach. I know, I know, it’s just a “preseason” game, it doesn’t count. However, it’s like going in Popeyes and asking for a $5-piece box and walking out with it, and then a Popeyes employee says, “They got roaches.” I’m just saying!

Well, I know it’s too early to tell how the Detroit Lions are going to play this season. Da Tigers are about to wrap up their season at the end of next month in September. They rank at “who cares”, cause they are not even close to thinking about the World Series. So many of us are looking forward to seeing the Detroit Lions players and coach this season. All I know is they better bring it or else, don’t make me pray to Aretha, because you better “think”, think about winning.  I don’t want to get the strap!

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Is Football a “man’s sport?” by Klassy K

Football picture
Is Football a “man’s sport?”
By Klassy K

What’s up home skillets, it’s your girl Klassy K coming to you live and direct with plenty of respect!  First, I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful Michigan weather, I can say that it’s officially spring, and to tell you to put up your winter boots, but I’m not going to say that. You never know what tomorrow’s weather will be like, but just use your imagination in the meantime.  So, many of you know the NFL draft was about a week ago, and many of you are probably wondering who was drafted?  Are they good enough? Will they help us get to the Super Bowl?  Chill out chopsticks!  Let us marinate on the idea that the Detroit Lions drafted some big husky, muscular built, fine looking specimens, hopefully “single”, well I’m just saying this to all my “single ladies” readers. Don’t start singing the song, yes I know it’s catchy.  Ah, Ah Ooh, I couldn’t help it.

Well, the answer is maybe, I say that because it’s going to take more than 7 new comers, and a new coach to win a Super Bowl.  I am sorry Detroit Lions fans, but we got some work to do.  In case you are wondering, new coach?  What is she talking about?  Yes, they got rid of Jim Caldwell, the Ford’s gave him a pink slip and told him to “hit the road Jack and don’t you come back, no more, no more, no more” well you got it.  The new for the Detroit Lions, drum roll please…..Matt Patricia!  Matt Patricia, yes, yes, he was the New England Patriots Assistant coach, now you know the New England team has Tom Brady. Tom Brady was the guy that they said “allegedly cheated” during the 2015 season. Remember the deflated football?  Don’t quote me on this, it’s “hearsay”, hint.  Well, I got nothing but love for Tom, because he was a University of Michigan football player, he wore the blazing’ blue and yellow, but he’s not wearing blue and gray, so he is a traitor! Now take that to the Brady Bunch, Tom!

Well, I know a lot of you are thinking, that’s a man for ya, right?  Who wouldn’t want to date super models, win super bowls, be worth $180 million dollars, hanging out with the biggest celebrities including #45 and no that’s not his jersey number and no you’re not #46 waiting on #45 hurry up and place their order.  Hell, football is a very hard and physical sport!  You got to run around with sweaty men, watching them bend over, yelling and huffing and puffing, whew.  Am I writing a naughty novel?  Ok, let me get my mind out the gutter, but I know the women like I bet “we” can make that sexy too. Women playing football is unheard of, right?  Wrong, yes Detroit has a FEMALE women’s football LEAGUE!  Detroit Pride Football which was founded in 2014, it’s a group of young and talented women that plays in a physical and competitive sport. Yes, the ladies can make football sexy too and when they sweat, it’s sweet sweat, not that stanky sweat from men.  The team travels around the nation to play with other female football players, yes, there are other women football teams.

In fact, they have an upcoming game on Saturday, May 5 in Hampton, VA at the Hampton RDS, of course you’re not going to go to Virginia to see them.  However, if you want to check them out in Detroit the next home game is on Saturday, June 9, 2018.  For tickets and season passes check out their website at   Also, for my female readers, if you have a dream of becoming a female football player and you can bring that sexy back, they do have try-outs.

In the words of Mystikal, “so gone girl, show’em whatcha working with!”

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Da Detroit Tigers Opening Day, this Thursday, March 29, 2018


Detroit Tigers Stadium

Comerica Park:  Home of the Detroit Tigers / Photo Credit:   Eye Capture U 2 Photography LLC

Da Detroit Tigers Opening Day, this Thursday, March 29, 2018

 by Klassy K 

What’s up home skillets! It’s your girl coming back at cha! Did ya miss me? Well I missed all of you, including the 3 fans that I have. Sorry for the long hiatus, was in a shot gun wedding, yee hahhh! I was in Las Vegas and don’t ask what I did, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I can at least tell you that it was 69 degrees in Las Vegas while I was there, beautiful I tell you, but what was so odd is when I left last Sunday, I was told that it was 67 degrees here in Michigan? Ok, can ya’ll tell me, what happened? How did it go from 67 degrees to bi-polar degrees? Well, you got to love it, right?

Well, what’s not to love about the excitement that is about to take place this Thursday at Comerica Park? What, you don’t KNOW!?? It’s the Tigers baby, baby, baaaaaaaby! Well, to all my die-hard Tigers fans, it’s opening day and I know you’re jumping up and down in excitement. I see ya! The Tigers opening day is scheduled for this Thursday, March 29, 2018. The Tigers will play the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:10 pm.  Now, the Tigers were looking good in Florida, looking not winning, they lost more games than they won (.444). Damnnnn!!

Florida is where they get an all expensed paid trip every year to go for spring training practice. Yeah, they had to practice and play in the grueling heat for about 2 months or more, 70 sometimes 80 degree weather, while we suffer in the 10 degrees or if God is no longer mad at Michigan, he may grace us with 50. Can you please talk to God for us Mike Ilitch? We are looking for nice, warm and sunny weather this Thursday? Well, it is going to be in the 50’s this Thursday, so I guess we have to ACCEPT(*cough*sarcasm) that. Well, thanks Mike, you tried. J

Have you checked out the 2018 roster? We have Michael Fulmer, Miguel Cabrera and Nicholas Castellanos, but we lost former player(s) Justine Verlander and Brad Ausmus, they were all good looking! Google them and you’ll see what I am talking about. I’m already taken and I am pretty sure most of them are taken or married, because they got $$$, just kidding, you know it’s all about the love, yeah right, that comes second or does the baby come second??  Hey, I’m just saying! Do you know how much they make? If I told you, you’ll wonder why your parents tried to get you to learn how to play sports, college was only a back-up.

Well, if you can’t you can always call in sick or you can always use your kids as an excuse, but if you can come check out the boys in blue, white, gray and sometimes orange, no black. Try to be there early, because you know they are going to be giving out freebies! Be expecting a line though.

On a personal note, we miss you Mike, thanks for everything that you did for the city of Detroit. We know that you are smiling down watching your legacy continue. It will last forever. For schedules, tickets, or just anything else you want to know about the Tigers, you can check their website at

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Blake Griffin is a Detroit Pistons, yeah!!!, now what?

Blake Griffin is a Detroit Pistons, yeah!!!, now what? By Klassy K 

So, Blake Griffin is a Detroit Piston, he was forced to leave or you can say it nicer that he was “traded” his sunshine and blue sky weather for pot holes, slushy white stuff, zero below temperature, bi-polar weather, blah, blah, blah, should I continue? Yeah, he REALLY wanted to leave Los Angeles for Detroit, but fast forwarding since the trade, the Pistons has won 4 out of 7 games, since the Big Cheese arrived. Yeah, Big Cheese Blake will receive over $30 million dollars a year over a period of 4 ½ years which totals roughly about $171 million dollars. Did your eyes pop out yet? Let me also add that he will receive a million dollar RAISE every year as well. Did you just ask yourself, why did I go to college? If you didn’t, then you must have won the Mega Millions or you must be the long lost daughter or son to Oprah Winfrey.

The Detroit Pistons rank number four in the central division which is not bad considering the performance over the last 14 years, you know when they won the NBA Championship in 2004. We all feared the “fro”, chanted “ball don’t lie” and screaming “DEEEEEtroit BAS-KET-BALL”. But that’s all in the past, I started to get a little emotional for a minute, until I realized that the Detroit Pistons are not even close to making the playoffs. They would have to practically win every game and lose only 1, that’s not going to happen here on Earth, maybe on planet Saturn since it has rings. Get it, rings, like rings on fingers? Championship rings, yeah, there you go, you got it, now give me an air pump fist! J

Anywhoo, now back to Mr. Griffin, now we all know that Mr. Cheese can’t win games on his own, we can all assume that because he is an “all-star player”. He averages about 25 points a game, plays defense as well offense, but sometimes he can be a ball hog. Ball hog is basically somebody that holds the basketball all during the game, trying to shoot all the shots and hardly passing the ball to other teammates, but he can’t do that here in the “D”. Andre Drummond is a beast in rebounding and protecting the glass, then you got Stanley Johnson ripping the paint off the floor, then you got the “my neck and my back” (don’t start singing that hook) injured Reggie Jackson keeping the bench nice and warm and cheerleading on the side line, so the Pistons are multi-talented.

Detroiters has wasted no time gloating over Blake Griffin, attendance at Little Caesar arena has increased, merchandise is finally removed from clearance and the grim reaper has no longer declared Detroit as “Death Row” it’s been renamed to “Detroit Row”. For tickets or highlights, you can visit the pistons website:, until then check Klassy’s Sport Korner every other Thursday on, “stay blessed my friend”.

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