Da Detroit Tigers Opening Day, this Thursday, March 29, 2018


Detroit Tigers Stadium

Comerica Park:  Home of the Detroit Tigers / Photo Credit:   Eye Capture U 2 Photography LLC

Da Detroit Tigers Opening Day, this Thursday, March 29, 2018

 by Klassy K 

What’s up home skillets! It’s your girl coming back at cha! Did ya miss me? Well I missed all of you, including the 3 fans that I have. Sorry for the long hiatus, was in a shot gun wedding, yee hahhh! I was in Las Vegas and don’t ask what I did, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I can at least tell you that it was 69 degrees in Las Vegas while I was there, beautiful I tell you, but what was so odd is when I left last Sunday, I was told that it was 67 degrees here in Michigan? Ok, can ya’ll tell me, what happened? How did it go from 67 degrees to bi-polar degrees? Well, you got to love it, right?

Well, what’s not to love about the excitement that is about to take place this Thursday at Comerica Park? What, you don’t KNOW!?? It’s the Tigers baby, baby, baaaaaaaby! Well, to all my die-hard Tigers fans, it’s opening day and I know you’re jumping up and down in excitement. I see ya! The Tigers opening day is scheduled for this Thursday, March 29, 2018. The Tigers will play the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:10 pm.  Now, the Tigers were looking good in Florida, looking not winning, they lost more games than they won (.444). Damnnnn!!

Florida is where they get an all expensed paid trip every year to go for spring training practice. Yeah, they had to practice and play in the grueling heat for about 2 months or more, 70 sometimes 80 degree weather, while we suffer in the 10 degrees or if God is no longer mad at Michigan, he may grace us with 50. Can you please talk to God for us Mike Ilitch? We are looking for nice, warm and sunny weather this Thursday? Well, it is going to be in the 50’s this Thursday, so I guess we have to ACCEPT(*cough*sarcasm) that. Well, thanks Mike, you tried. J

Have you checked out the 2018 roster? We have Michael Fulmer, Miguel Cabrera and Nicholas Castellanos, but we lost former player(s) Justine Verlander and Brad Ausmus, they were all good looking! Google them and you’ll see what I am talking about. I’m already taken and I am pretty sure most of them are taken or married, because they got $$$, just kidding, you know it’s all about the love, yeah right, that comes second or does the baby come second??  Hey, I’m just saying! Do you know how much they make? If I told you, you’ll wonder why your parents tried to get you to learn how to play sports, college was only a back-up.

Well, if you can’t you can always call in sick or you can always use your kids as an excuse, but if you can come check out the boys in blue, white, gray and sometimes orange, no black. Try to be there early, because you know they are going to be giving out freebies! Be expecting a line though.

On a personal note, we miss you Mike, thanks for everything that you did for the city of Detroit. We know that you are smiling down watching your legacy continue. It will last forever. For schedules, tickets, or just anything else you want to know about the Tigers, you can check their website at https://www.mlb.com/tigers.

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– Klassy K Sports Corner: contributor writer for aheartfullofconversations.com 


Blake Griffin is a Detroit Pistons, yeah!!!, now what?

Blake Griffin is a Detroit Pistons, yeah!!!, now what? By Klassy K 

So, Blake Griffin is a Detroit Piston, he was forced to leave or you can say it nicer that he was “traded” his sunshine and blue sky weather for pot holes, slushy white stuff, zero below temperature, bi-polar weather, blah, blah, blah, should I continue? Yeah, he REALLY wanted to leave Los Angeles for Detroit, but fast forwarding since the trade, the Pistons has won 4 out of 7 games, since the Big Cheese arrived. Yeah, Big Cheese Blake will receive over $30 million dollars a year over a period of 4 ½ years which totals roughly about $171 million dollars. Did your eyes pop out yet? Let me also add that he will receive a million dollar RAISE every year as well. Did you just ask yourself, why did I go to college? If you didn’t, then you must have won the Mega Millions or you must be the long lost daughter or son to Oprah Winfrey.

The Detroit Pistons rank number four in the central division which is not bad considering the performance over the last 14 years, you know when they won the NBA Championship in 2004. We all feared the “fro”, chanted “ball don’t lie” and screaming “DEEEEEtroit BAS-KET-BALL”. But that’s all in the past, I started to get a little emotional for a minute, until I realized that the Detroit Pistons are not even close to making the playoffs. They would have to practically win every game and lose only 1, that’s not going to happen here on Earth, maybe on planet Saturn since it has rings. Get it, rings, like rings on fingers? Championship rings, yeah, there you go, you got it, now give me an air pump fist! J

Anywhoo, now back to Mr. Griffin, now we all know that Mr. Cheese can’t win games on his own, we can all assume that because he is an “all-star player”. He averages about 25 points a game, plays defense as well offense, but sometimes he can be a ball hog. Ball hog is basically somebody that holds the basketball all during the game, trying to shoot all the shots and hardly passing the ball to other teammates, but he can’t do that here in the “D”. Andre Drummond is a beast in rebounding and protecting the glass, then you got Stanley Johnson ripping the paint off the floor, then you got the “my neck and my back” (don’t start singing that hook) injured Reggie Jackson keeping the bench nice and warm and cheerleading on the side line, so the Pistons are multi-talented.

Detroiters has wasted no time gloating over Blake Griffin, attendance at Little Caesar arena has increased, merchandise is finally removed from clearance and the grim reaper has no longer declared Detroit as “Death Row” it’s been renamed to “Detroit Row”. For tickets or highlights, you can visit the pistons website: www.nba.com/pistons.com, until then check Klassy’s Sport Korner every other Thursday on aheartfullconversations.com, “stay blessed my friend”.

-Klassy K Sports Korner for aheartfullconversations.com