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Let’s Start Anew by Butch Ford

Let’s Start Anew by Butch Ford As we come to the close of another decade, there are some things I’d like to see change within our community.  As a people, we have really lowered our standards and expectations of one another.  And as a society we have come to be too accepting of mediocrity. Professional

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See the Other Side by Butch Ford

See the Other Side by Butch Ford During my professional career in Human Services…I’ve had the distinct honor of working in the inner-city Public Schools System, the Clinical Psychiatric Field and in Juvenile Detention.  I was blessed to have met some incredible people throughout my journey.  In each of those positions, I encountered individuals dealing with

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“Today’s Amerikkka” by Butch Ford

“Today’s Amerikkka” by Butch Ford Today, I experienced something very disturbing and disheartening.  My own personal bout with racism.  We’ve all read about it, have seen it in the headlines, and watched live posts on social media.  But the feeling is totally different when you go through it personally. Initially I was startled…followed by feelings

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