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The Curse of the Lions? by Klassy K 

The Curse of the Lions? by Klassy K Home Skillets! What in the hell or heaven is up? Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and let there be a joyous New Year for you as well. As we are counting down the last few days of December and getting ready for 2020, let’s try to

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Something’s Got to Give by Butch Ford

  Something’s Got to Give by Butch Ford The Detroit Lions are about to complete yet another disappointing season with a losing record.  This has become the norm around these parts and the fans are outraged.  In fact, some are even calling for the sale of the team by The Fords (no relation).  Unfortunately, ineptitude has

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Better Days by Butch Ford

Better Days by Butch Ford As a life-long Detroit sports fan, it’s been extremely tough to root for our hometown teams lately.  But what seems to be the problem?  Why are they all so bad at the same time, you ask?  Let’s get into this. The Red Wings are the easiest to explain.  After 25

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