A Wicked World by Butch Ford





A Wicked World by Butch Ford

There have been several reports of some 64,000+ African American women currently missing in the United States.  Yet another problem that’s very troubling and disturbs me deeply.  I don’t even know where to begin.

I started hearing about human trafficking a few years ago but didn’t exactly know what to think of it all.  It took a while to process.  I couldn’t decipher if it was fallacy or some twisted form of reality.  And it continues to baffle me today.  After extensive research, I learned that it’s the kidnapping of our women for the illegal sex trade and the selling of human organs on the black market.

Evidently, people have been hired to snatch other human beings from public areas and use them for unspeakable acts.  Individuals are also being murdered and sold for their internal organs.  It’s a sick, satanic scheme for profit designed to bypass and flat out ignore the traditional organ donation process and donor transplant regulations.

As parents, educators, law enforcement and community leaders, WE MUST find a solution to this horrible epidemic.  We’re losing…and have lost countless loved ones at an alarming rate at the hands of these monsters.  And sadly, I’ve only seen and read about African Americans victimizing OUR OWN women!  The bigger question is…who are they working for?  Who’s behind this deviant criminal enterprise?

We must always be on guard. Traffickers have been reported being seen in school zones, outside of malls, around night clubs and even randomly in neighborhoods.  It’s our responsibility to protect our females and deter these awful crimes of occurring.  This is truly a wicked world we live in.


Butch Ford