Lions Roar, More Like Purr by Klassy K



Lions Roar, More Like Purr by Klassy K

What’s up home skillets?! Did ya miss me! Well, I missed you. I missed you so much, I’m writing this article on a beautiful sunny day instead of riding my bike. So, you guys are very important to me. I know what you are saying, “Thank God it’s not raining, because God would strike her down!” I know what you’re thinking, but on the for real, for real, I haven’t written one of my infamous, yet funny and informed articles since June. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, spending time with family and friends, and just “living their best life.” Smile, smile, come on! Well, I did not want to put the profanity after smile, must think about my PG-13 readers. I know you have heard that song with Lil Duval and Snoop Dogg, it’s so catchy.

Well, a lot is going on in Detroit. There was the passing of one of the greatest Entertainers to ever live, the Queen of Soul and Mississippi born, but Detroit fed, Ms. Aretha Louise Franklin. Many celebrities came to pay homage at her funeral. Mary Kay lined up their Pink Cadillacs on 7-mile, different casket wardrobe changes at the Charles H. Wright museum, and performances at Chene Park.  Man, it was crazy, but crazy in a good way. People lined up awaiting to show love, and last R-E-S-P-E-C-Ts to the “didn’t hold her tongue”, beautiful, kindhearted, pianist, award-winning, fur coat wearing, used her Bloomfield home as a storage, and would throw shade in a minute. Now, she is in Heaven with some of the greatest entertainers, like Prince, Whitney, Michael, Sam Cooke, Otis, Marvin, Luther, just to name a few. I know they are makin hits up there, singing and jamming with our lost loved ones. She will forever be missed; may she be at peace with her friends and family in Heaven.


Speaking of being at peace, I have decided to be at peace with the fact that the Lions will never win a Super Bowl. I shouldn’t say never. I’ll say while I’m still breathing on this Earth, they will never win one. Did you see the televised Detroit Lions game the other night? OMG!  The Cleveland Browns spanked them so bad, they were purring instead of roaring. Thank God it was just a “preseason” game, but if this is what it’s going to be like, then what was the purpose of hiring a new coach. I’m not impressed with Matt Patricia! The Lions organization fired Jim and replaced him with another losing coach. I know, I know, it’s just a “preseason” game, it doesn’t count. However, it’s like going in Popeyes and asking for a $5-piece box and walking out with it, and then a Popeyes employee says, “They got roaches.” I’m just saying!

Well, I know it’s too early to tell how the Detroit Lions are going to play this season. Da Tigers are about to wrap up their season at the end of next month in September. They rank at “who cares”, cause they are not even close to thinking about the World Series. So many of us are looking forward to seeing the Detroit Lions players and coach this season. All I know is they better bring it or else, don’t make me pray to Aretha, because you better “think”, think about winning.  I don’t want to get the strap!

– Klassy K’s Sports Korner: contributor writer for