Month: May 2018

What Compassion Taught Me About My Mom & Myself By Tresa Simmons

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.  I am deeply grateful today for my mother.  I learned so much from her.  Some things were through pain, well most things; but, everything has served me well.  It took me many years to wade through the pain and do the forgiveness work needed.  I was brutally honest, and

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Is Football a “man’s sport?” by Klassy K

Is Football a “man’s sport?” By Klassy K What’s up home skillets, it’s your girl Klassy K coming to you live and direct with plenty of respect!  First, I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful Michigan weather, I can say that it’s officially spring, and to tell you to put up your winter boots,

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My Anger has Value by Tresa Simmons

My Anger has Value By Tresa Simmons How many times have we thrown out the baby with the bath water?  Meaning how many times have we gotten rid of everything when something is out of order without stopping to take time to search what is still valid, still useful, and or have purpose in our situation. 

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