Month: February 2017

Finding the Value of Valentine’s Day in Detroit

Refusing to Jump on the Band Wagon On Sunday, February 12, 2017, I was sitting on the edge of my bed listening to the news. Partaking the sounds of the local news is one of my rituals while getting ready for work or any outing for the day.  At times the news appears to be

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Starting a Heart Full of Conversations to Spark the Courageous Soul of Detroit!

DETROIT!!!! MY HOMETOWN!!! Often referenced to as the MOTOR CITY, D-TOWN, THE D, or The 313!!! A city once known to have a plethora of vibrant neighborhoods filled with life, hope, and charisma. Today many neighborhoods have been abandoned and left with dismay, dimness, and depression. It doesn’t matter what substandard feelings people will have

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Detroit Vintage Coffee and Tea House: The Oasis in my Neighborhood!

  Detroit Vintage Coffee and Tea House  10335 West Eight Mile Road Detroit, MI 48221 (This was written in February 2016 and I held it in my heart all this time) What’s Behind those Blinds For over a year I rode past the eye catching storefront dressed with welcoming blinds.  The thought of visiting this peculiar

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