“Will Detroit Make History?” By Klassy K

Basketball coach

What’s up home skillets? Klassy K is back on the scene, and I’m about to let you know what is going on in the “D”, sports related of course. Well, I’m going to start with the bad news, and work my way to the good news. I just think that it would be better this way due to the Tigers not having a good season. I mean with a .426 percentage that’s not even on the school grading scale, so that’s how bad it is! So, why talk about the highlights of the games? Who’s complaining about being on the team? How they are not being appreciated? Boo whoo! I guess I’m trying to understand, why would anybody feel “unappreciated” about being a millionaire and getting paid to do what they love to do? Shoot, we are all trying to get that that type of job! Am I right home skillet’s, now give me an invisible high five! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that “all” players feel that way, but one in particular that I just have to mention is the $292 million dollar player, Miguel Cabrera.  Yes, the Tigers paid him $292 million dollars for 10 years, don’t worry he only has 5 years left to be here in Detroit, he’s not helping the Tigers get to a championship anyway, so bye Felicia! Will somebody please give this man some tissue and help him wipe his $292 million tears, I mean really dude? Oh, the agony!

Speaking of furthering the agony, did you know that Stan Van Gundy is GONE! Did you also know that he was the General Manager and the Coach of the Pistons, talk about conflict of interest. I guess the 4 billion dollar owner Tom Gores got tired of his sorry butt due to having a losing season(s) with the Pistons. I mean dang we didn’t even get close to smelling a championship, let alone smelling a victory in the playoffs, well let me think about it, maybe once in the four years that he was here. I guess in order to win you have to have both a winning team and coach as well. So, that means the Pistons organization are on the hunt for the next basketball head coach and to be honest I think Tom Gores should turn it to a reality series. Yeah picture it home skillets, they would have to try out, display their talents and then let the Detroiters decide who should be the next basketball head coach? Now, that would be the first ever, I mean wouldn’t that be cool, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if the Pistons organization would hire the first woman to be the head coach of a NBA team! In my schoolhouse rock voice, “we were suffering until suffrage”, what did they say, Sister!” It is rumored that the Pistons organization is seeking retired professional basketball player Becky Hammon, I know you don’t know who that is, but she is currently the assistant coach to the San Antonio Spurs. The Pistons is also considering Jerry Stackhouse, who was a former Piston back in 1998-2002, and Michigan bred Shane Battier, who was a high school Detroit Country Day basketball player. I’m going for the sista, sorry fellas, Detroit needs an earth shattering headline for once instead of “Murder Capital of the World.”

So that’s the bad news, now I promise the good news. The Detroit Grand Prix will take place on Belle Isle in Detroit on June 1-3, 2018, I’ll be there June 1st, because it’s free, courtesy of Comerica Bank, so get their early. However, if you don’t feel like getting up there early and waiting in the long line, tickets can be purchase at detroitgp.com.

Article credit, song, “Sufferin’ til Suffrage”, lyrics by Bob Dorough and Tom Yohe, courtesy of Schoolhouse Rock.

Klassy K Sports Korner:  contributor writer for aheartfullconversations.com


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